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You were dismissed? Reduced? It is so much opportunities ahead!

Crisis bared all possible problems - from production to demand and consumption. Distortions in economy became obvious and demand acceptance of urgent measures. On the one hand, the quantity addressed in an employment service grows in Russia, people lose work. On the other hand, the huge number of vacancies is not completed - there are no experts of the necessary qualification.

Many years on working specialties (repairmen, electricians, mechanics) demand grows. No, in the country there were less no handy and thinking workers. The matter is that compensation does not satisfy true professionals in these professions. Vacancies will be completed on condition of a guarantee of worthy salaries. Right there!

And what to do to new industries, for example, of area of nanotechnologies? Where to take them the necessary experts? Even if they will take graduates of modern higher education institutions - not to solve a problem. You know what higher education institutions educate. Blank theory. And when still these graduates will accumulate experience and practical knowledge! An exit one - to retrain skilled employees of adjacent professions.

The state undertook part of these problems - trudvsem is created. ru, the Uniform federal website of vacancies where everyone absolutely free of charge will be able to find or replace the place of work. The set of vacancies changes daily.

Besides, now for public works not only jobless, but also those experts to whom reduced trudochasa on a primary place of employment can be attracted. Both municipal, and private enterprises can be engaged in such attraction. Such work yet not so highly - 4300 rubles a month plus regional coefficients is paid. But also labor costs not for full time.

When the person loses work, internal panic, convulsive search of an exit begins. Public works will grant a respite and will help to approach search of new work prepared and quiet. Public works are a repair of rooms, improvement of territories, a construction of roads. All those works which are necessary to the country daily, for whom there are not enough professional shots.

Other direction of the help to the unemployed - professional development at the expense of budgetary funds. Now data on the burning vacancies gather in all regions of the country. With adjacent specialties it will be offered to people to be retrained or improve the skills, to create the offer under already existing demand. For the sake of interest wander on fresh bases of vacancies of the region. Excellent mirror of today`s life of your city. Sharply there are not enough service personnel, narrow experts, and here the amount of vacancies of sales managers was sharply reduced. In the afternoon with fire not to find true professionals of this hard business was in any times, they have always high salaries and they always at business. It is gold fund of any company. And haughty managers with superficial knowledge, lack of experience, but unreasonable ambitions it has to teach something.

The state undertook the help and when moving experts to other area of the country. It is important to be included in this program. Then it is possible to receive both lifting, and daily, and part of three-months payment of housing on the new place. Those who already lost work can be included in this program or is under the threat . You find vacancy necessary to you in any region of the country, you call up to the employer. If are interested in your candidate - for you will leave the place in a reserve. Employees of an employment service will prompt what documents need to be processed when moving.

It is possible on the same website as however and on all others to leave the summary. Many applicants make a mistake - place the summary and wait when the employer finds them. It is much simpler to find the place in the sun if search of a message in the different directions. Tell about the problem to all people around - friends, the family, acquaintances, neighbors. Post the summaries on all possible websites. Look for vacancies independently - not only on the Internet, but also in local mass media, on bulletin boards before any large enterprise.

If suddenly the thought of opening of the business comes to your mind - and here you will be able to be helped by jobcenters. Today training in elements of business activity and payment of registration of SP - a commonplace of any such center. According to the government resolution No. 1089 of December 31, 2008, the starting capital of 58800 rubles - an annual dole will be given for opening of own business. It already business of the near future. Of course, the sum is not so big and will be able to give essential help only to small business, but it already which - that. As my friend - the businesswoman with a solid experience speaks: With money everyone will be able to open the business, and without them - only professionals!

The main thing - to remember that for you there is nothing impossible. That at dismissal or reduction life does not come to an end. If the door in your antecedents was closed, at the same time the set of the doors in your bright future was opened. What it will be - depends only on you. Only you build the life according to the own scenario. What it to be and where to head - you were given a full freedom of choice. Do not limit yourself to a framework and bonds of conventions. All doors are open for you. The main thing - to see the mass of opportunities and was able to use them. Your star is only lit!