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Why according to Bryusov to a calendar in Russia guessed and predicted more than two centuries?

Z00 of years back, in 1709 in civil Moscow printing house began the edition of the first two sheets legendary Bryusova of a calendar which for many years should become the reference book of the educated Russians allowing not only to receive extensive help data, but also to glance in the future. Actually, the calendar turned into the book which is constantly improved and republished later as originally it was printed in the form of five big engraving sheets.

Bryusov calendar - the unique reference book on many cases of life containing extensive sections with councils and predictions which more than two centuries in Russia considered as the most exact. Predictions also brought broad glory to a calendar. In the first edition the third and fourth sheets printed in 1710 were devoted to them.

The third leaf contained astrological predictions for 112 years - till 1821, ... on which osmotrya summer the desirable and a circle of the Sun, on it imasha obretat the dominating planet and deystva in all year, a yazha are expressed under each planet . The fourth leaf contained the astrological predictions and recommendations for everyday life made according to Moon arrangements in zodiac constellations. Also the fifth leaf (1711) was not less curious the containing eternal calendar which allowed to make forecasts for many years ahead. Actually a calendar, but, except it also the second leaf on which the calendar and church references were also placed was usual.

In 1715 Bryusov calendar it was in a short form published on one leaf. In total six single sheets therefore often in reference books write that the first edition was six-sheet turned out. Serious completions of a calendar began in Elizabeth Petrovna`s reign. Then in it appeared spravochno - the geographical sections and private predictions allowing to predict destiny of the specific person. And it began to be published in the form of the book.

Sometimes Bryusov calendar represent as domestic analog of predictions of Nostradamus. I think, it is not absolutely right as the basis of the predictive section of a calendar was made by the detailed reference book on solarly - to lunar cycles. And already proceeding from it various advice and predictions were given.

Bryusov the calendar is called not for nothing though Yakov Villimovich Bruce also was not his individual author. The person of versatile knowledge and talents, he was the closest associate of Peter I. The glory of the magician and powerful sorcerer was fixed in the people for Bruce. It was promoted much by the observatory and chemical laboratory created by Yakov Villimovich in Moscow in the Sukharevy tower. When there was a calendar with predictions published under a nadzreniye of its excellency of mister general - the lieutenant Yakov Vilimovich Bruce the people were convinced that it was right - only the one who is known with powers of darkness is capable to create similar.

Apparently, main work on drawing up and preparation Bryusova of a calendar to the edition Vasily Anufriyevich Kipriyanov executed, his name is specified on the fifth leaf. The destiny of this person is surprising and closely connected with Petrovsky transformations. The Posadsky person from the Moscow Kadashevsky settlement, he since the childhood had surprising passion to study and knowledge of new, having managed independently to acquire knowledge, commensurable with those that gave at that time the European universities. Peter I knew of his abilities, and in 1701 the tsar appointed him the assistant to Magnitsky preparing for the " edition; To the Arithmetician and grants for Navigatsky school. And then made the chief of printing house of civil editions and appropriated honourable zvaniy imperial bibliotekarius . Except work on a calendar, Kipriyanov prepared and published several mathematical and astronomical reference books and tables, and also opened the first public library in Moscow.

Over the years Bryusov calendar turned into the solid book. It was repeatedly republished prior to the beginning of the XX century, and new help sections were introduced in it, and already being available text was improved with an ipolzovaniye of various astrological forecasts and lasted the forthcoming years. In the last editions of a calendar forecasts were given for 2000 inclusive, naturally, that they relied on political and social realities of the time. At the same time the name assigned to it - Bryusov calendar - it was kept though in it from the initial text and remained very little.

Popularity of a calendar in Russia was huge. With its help learned terms of landing and an estimate of harvest, spontaneous actions, victories in wars and a condition of the Russian economy forecast the weather also. The greatest interest was caused so-called private the predictions giving the chance to glance in the future of the specific person, proceeding from date of his birth. The astrological descriptions of solar types of character output by means of the special calculation tables considering 28 - the summer repeating cycle of provisions of the Sun and five planets, and also 19 - a summer cycle of provisions of the Moon were the basis for such predictions. Similar cycles use at forecasts and many modern astrologers.

Bryusov calendar for predictions continued to use even at the end of last century. In 1989 in the " newspaper; Soviet culture there was small article about a meeting of the correspondent with 90 - the summer peasant from the Voronezh remote place who with an amazing accuracy forecast the weather and guessed to fellows villager. Stating doubt in truthfulness of its predictions he usually answered: I to you according to Bruce`s calendar guess - to it more than two hundred years. And never brought anybody! Perhaps I the only thing also had these clever records which I managed to make when still those calendars were held in high esteem .

Curiously to try to use Bruce`s calendar today. Suddenly yes the legendary magician was right and the tables made by him allow to glance in the future?.