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Why the people did not win against Larry Flynt?

In January of this year the editor-in-chief of a sex magazine Hustler Larry Flynt appealed to the American government to provide financial aid in the sum of 5 billion dollars on support of the pornindustry. With all these economic misfortunes and the fact that people lose a lot of money almost nobody thinks of sex - Flint complained. Crisis

It seems that the pornmagnate - the millionaire has chances to receive money. Still he always tried to obtain what he has the right to in the country.

In 1942 in the small small town of the American state of Kentucky in a family of Baptists Larry Flynt was born. Larry grows at the ordinary, restless boy, not too diligent in the prayers and not really reaches for sciences in him tserkovno - parish school. Does not say anything that this child should stir up strong subsequently the American morality and to become the Messiah of the American pornographic industry. Still ahead.

For now Larry grows and begins to miss more and more in provintsialno - Protestant life remote small towns. So, fifteen-year-old, it comes on service to army, and subsequently - to fleet where gets engineering education. However career of the sea military engineer, apparently, too not really attracts young Flint. And Larry at last is defined: it is attracted by the pornindustry.

Outside - America the seventieth, Larry works as the administrator of a network a striptease - clubs and dreams of changes. Besides normal, All-American desire to grow rich, Larry just is eager for changes. And, having investigated the market, decides to begin the edition of the pornographic magazine.

By this time in America " magazines are already widely known; Playboy and Penthouse . Larry is not going to compete to such monsters. It is unknown whether there was those years a concept target audience but Larry Flynt unmistakably calculates that the main consumers of competitors are representatives of so-called middle class. And, so it has that low, but at the same time and a huge public layer, in other words, proletarians. And here the financial genius of future porn - the king is shown: after long thoughts Flint and his team come to the brilliant decision - the more dirty, the better! Dirty, Cheerfully, Cynically - here the motto of the new pornographic magazine under the name Hustler .

But there is no magazine yet, Larry Flynt who appeared the competent marketing specialist begins the main project of the life with a free mailing group of erotic character with announcements of future magazine and a press - releases. Advertizing works, and by the time of release of the first long-awaited number Hustler Flint already has advertisers and, of course, readers.

Went! Circulations grow of a month by a month, Larry Flynt exults and anticipates future glory. And at this time clouds of national American morality already begin to be condensed over the head of the newly-baked pornographer.

The first criminal case falls on 1975. Charge - violation of the law of staff About public morality . Larry Flynt subsequently more than once will show the copy of the solution of this trial in the most different instances - the court finds him not guilty and accepts its party.

By the end of the seventieth circulation Hustler makes already 4,5 million. Besides pornographic materials, politically not indifferent Flint places political satire on pages of the edition, without sparing even most untouchable political leaders of the USA. In combination with very courageous pornographic concept of the magazine, the political satire has improbable popularity at readers.

Of course, it could not do without feedback. Malefactors burn one of its striptease - clubs. The head of a church community of its native town publicly anathematizes him.

In the same time not ready to morally - to moral changes Americans under the influence of church and politicians carry out mass actions against a pornography. It is natural that Larry Flynt becomes one of the first defendants before society. Business The People against Larry Flynt becomes for it just lifelong. Since then Larry Flynt has legal proceedings is unceasing for several decades.

But what there were solutions of all it numerous lawsuits Larry Flynt steadily wins. It is not verdicts of jurors, and in that, as here the financial genius does not bring the successful pornographer: Larry Flynt for all these years has the most powerful and effective advertizing. He swaggers in halls of court sessions, thereby bringing to even more scandalous popularity to the already scandalous edition.

Anonymous and not only anonymous threats of punishment constantly pursue successful Flint. But he does not notice them, the spirit of civil liberties captures Larry Flynt, it already as much as possible approaches the to the American dream - to wealth and freedom.

He did not calm down even after attempt at his life. By miracle having survived, carrying out a considerable part of the life in a wheelchair, Larry Flynt for a minute does not stop either publishing, nor public work.

The world already reconciled to the fact that the pornindustry exists. Whether it personally is pleasant to you, absolutely not very well, it is the empire working under laws of the market. Well, maybe, sometimes it seems to us that the offer advances demand a little here, but there is no confidence in it.

Larry Flynt for certain knows: " magazine; Hustler - goods, demanded goods, equivalent under the law many other. He is able to sell it, he has the right to it, he lives in the free country. On that also costs though is not present, sits in a wheelchair.