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What is a hiccups?

Literally couple of days ago itself faced this not palatable problem - hiccupping. You sit and hiccup several minutes in succession, just like the real donkey! It is good if you are Home Alone and if there is an important meeting or you on interview? Unless someone will hire the hiccupping employee? And here I solved both for myself and for you to understand - what is a hiccups and what it is eaten with.

What is a hiccups?

Actually the hiccups is convulsive reductions of muscles of a diaphragm - the muscular membrane dividing chest and belly cavities. At the same time the hiccupping person makes the specific squeezed sounds.

Why there is a hiccups?

is known by nobody. Even doctors. Is only more - less plausible hypotheses and assumptions. From time to time it arises at quite healthy (as write in medical books - almost healthy) adults for no apparent reason and, as a rule, does not pose special threat for health. It stops, as a rule, in a few minutes. The hiccups can arise during the overcooling of an organism or restretching of a stomach from abundance of food.

There are several national ways to stop hiccupping. I will describe a little from them which help, in particular, and me.

1) to drink waters small drinks, it is possible sweetened;

2) is deep to sigh and hold the breath;

3) to eat a sugar spoon, without washing down with water;

4) several times quickly and deeply to inhale air and then slowly to exhale;

5) to take a piece of a lemon in a mouth and to take it so several minutes.

There is still a set of councils and recommendations how to stop a hiccups - everyone has a reception which to work for 100% for it.

But sometimes the hiccups can proceed several hours, days and even months! What to do in that case? The first and the most logical - to go to the doctor. The long hiccups can be a consequence of many diseases - from a liver and an ulcer to a cancer tumor. Therefore careful inspection by the doctor, but not neigbour Nyura at whom " is necessary; vcheras the grandson here in the same way hiccupped ...

Good luck!