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What for an animal - is dolgopit?

of Dolgopyata - small beings from group of primacies. Before them carried to semi-monkeys, then transferred to a suborder of sukhonosy monkeys. Biologists disagree about quantity of types in family of dolgopyat, but not less than three each of them are called by all means. They are found in Hugo - East Asia, and each look is localized on certain islands.

For example, Philippine dolgopit, or the sirikhta, lives on Mindanao, Samara, Leyte, Bohol. For the first time it was described by Catholic missionaries at the beginning of the 18th century and named tiny Luzon monkey . Karl Linney did not agree with this name, having given own - monkey of a sirikht all-patrimonial name Tarsius syrichta, i.e. dolgopit a sirikht it was appropriated later, and locals call it differently: mawmag mamag mago magau maomag malmag and magatilok - iok .

Bankansky dolgopit (Tarsius bancanus) Serasan meets on Sumatra, Kalimantan, Bank. Dolgopit - a ghost (Tarsius spectrum or Tarsius tarsier) chose Sulawesi, Salayar, Big Sangikhi and the Bearing.

These crumbs of a bolshegolova and pucheglaza. With a length of body of 12 - 15 centimeters diameter of an eye at them makes do16 millimeters. At these proportions postponed for human growth, it would equal average size to apple. Whether and the head dolgopit can twist slightly by 360 degrees.

Other feature of appearance is unevenness of distribution of fur. On a stomach and in his armpits it is few, the tail which is longer than a trunk with the head, a goal and has only a hair brush on the end. It carries out very important role of the balance weight and a wheel. Dolgopit which prefers vertical movement, even relies on it when costs.

Small animals conduct wood and a nocturnalism in lonely or pair existence, as a last resort - groups up to four individuals. They dexterously climb trees, using small pillows on fingers as suckers. The posterity can appear all the year round, but the greatest birth rate falls on the period from November to February. It is remarkable: having two - three pairs of nipples, the female when feeding uses only chest.

Dolgopyatam the surprising spring ability is inherent: to 160 centimeters in height and it is more than a meter - in length, and the manner to jump reminds lyagushechyyu. They stun with jumps the production: insects, spiders, lounge-lizards, etc. Eating the food making up to 10 percent of a body weight in a day they quite deserve a rank of hospital attendants of the wood, especially regarding absorption of a locust.

Alas, respect among local population of the poor creature did not receive for it. On one beliefs, they represent angry gnomes, on others - the bewitched beings, on the third - are pets of wood spirits. The meeting with dolgopyata is considered dangerous, mainly, from - for an eye which glow in the dark. However and infliction of harm is perceived by it as a bad sign, a presage of misfortunes.

But meanwhile only animals get misfortunes. In the wood they have some enemies - owls yes the run wild cats, but here destruction of habitat by the person already led to the fact that dolgopyata became an endangered species. And attempts of contents them in bondage are not especially successful.

And history of their sort contains up to 70 million years, and not only in a present area of dwelling, and and on all Earth: and in Europe there lived once dolgopyata, and in America. Eh, people, people