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Whether interesting life at slippers?

my husband for some reason does not recognize a slipper what convenient and beautiful they were not. And houses, and he prefers to visit barefoot. The girlfriend, on the contrary, found out recently that houses she has the real zoo from a slipper: pigs with the patch, mice with ears, slippers - doggies, and on New Year`s Eve the collection was replenished with soft cows with the real horns

A still, say that slippers happen favourite and unloved. As they say, do not leave darlings. Even if they lost a look long ago, to throw out them often happens it is a pity. Here also the thrown slippers where - nibud huddle in a corner, a case or on the distant shelf. My girlfriend went further away. She was not too lazy to carry the favourite slippers which served the century in a shoe workshop to return them to life. There is also other example: couple absolutely new and beautiful house a slipper could not win love of the hostess in any way. It was necessary to buy others, and the destiny of these was from now on predetermined - they were urged to intend only for guests.

If to trust history, for the first time slippers appeared in the east, in one of harems. Concubines had to wear these shoes. Respectively, then it were considered as a bondage symbol. Gradually convenient footwear got love at inhabitants of different corners of the globe and found the status of homeliness, comfort and convenience. The example from life was again remembered. Once my friend saw on sale of a slipper with very lovely, in her opinion, pompons, from - for whom it just could not resist. A purchase was made instantly, and then it seemed to both of us rash and a little strange. And here if again to address history, then that act can be regarded differently. It appears, once slippers were even considered as a symbol of marital fidelity. And in France the 18th centuries corresponded to refined culture of a boudoir gilded ladies` house shoes on swan`s down, with huge pompons and slightly bent noses. Perhaps, therefore my modern heroine, being an old fan of this country, at the subconscious level managed to feel it and immediately gave to amusing slippers with pomponchik a piece of the heart.

Presently, probably, no family center can be imagined at least without two-three of house-shoes. You come from work, you cross a house threshold, you remove street footwear, you change the shoes in the native slippers and you plunge into other world with other cares and incomparable pleasures. It would seem that here they are the most usual slippers, and nevertheless with what native and unique they can be not excluded by

what each of us at least once asked a question whether pertinently to offer slippers to guests and how to behave in the same situation, having appeared on a threshold of others apartment? At once the scene from the movie " is remembered; Thanks for love when future mother-in-law carefully suggests the daughter-in-law to change the shoes in house-shoes. In reply receives rough refusal - the girl more convenient in the shoes on heels.

By rules of etiquette, it is not forbidden to offer slippers to guests, but it is not necessary to impose them at all. Some consider that it is even unhygienic. If your guest did not take with himself replaceable footwear, it is necessary to reconcile to the fact that on the polished parquet or carpets of handwork not absolutely sterile soles will sport. The damp rag or a rug on a threshold where the guest also has to wipe street footwear will help to correct a situation. Well and, certainly, if you offer the guests slippers, remember that they by all means have to be pure, fresh and tidy.

Someone just walks in slippers, others manage them to collect, and is also such who think out exotic models. So, for example, slippers - vacuum cleaners are created presently. In their sole there is a tiny engine which automatically is operated a laser sensor. As soon as the miracle - footwear concerns a floor surface, silent engines turn on and begin to collect dust. Beauty and only!

Slippers with illumination are still known. Quite conveniently and safely. In need of them it is easily possible to go at night on the dark apartment. One of sensors of the clever invention includes lighting only during walking, another does not allow to spend the battery during daylight hours. Reached a sofa and took off slippers - in couple of seconds they will be disconnected. But there is more to come. While this world slippers invent the cleverest, others with their help play sports. So, few years ago in Japan organized the game championship in table tennis with house-shoes. Specially made house slippers with the made narrower heel were used - such more convenient to hold.

Here, it turns out what interesting destiny at usual, at first sight, slippers. And in Tomsk did not even regret time and means and erected a monument to slippers from bronze. Moreover and such size that anyone - 32 cm could try on their. According to the author of the project, from the inscription make yourself at home also the monument was born. You judge, friends, what real house without slippers? Even our ancestors believed that, moving from one place to another, it is necessary to capture with itself the brownie that that looked after economy. And for this purpose it is necessary to take old slippers and to invite him there with words: The brownie, house, polezay in a slipper, go with us! .

It is necessary only to guess as your favourite slippers look But be they new or shabby, with the worn-out backs or ridiculous pompons, not important, the main thing - let they give to your house a cosiness, tranquility and the atmosphere of love and rest! Happiness to you and harmony!