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International Union of Aristocrats

Crisis or Armageddon?

What is represented by culture of 21 centuries?. The cancelled variety of followers of Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Islamism intertwining with various currents

of the paganism accompanied with magic, esoteric treatment and belief in Monetary idol as source of all power processes. The person was undeceived owing to the happening changes and was lost in lie to himself.

Falling of monarchic state systems, communist regime, could not equip broad application of democracy on the planet. Everything wears an ugly uniform, new state institutes is not able to improve life to mankind in general. The individual, the personality, the aristocrat loses in outgrowths of human hostility to each other.

Love stopped being mutual and disinterested. Uglinesses and distortions of the public relations became promotion in cinema, television, radio, the press. The detective forced out romanticism and was approved in the stale practicality. the nude woman, became advertizing and ceased to excite male interest. There is nobody began to make discoveries, becomes knights and by a victory to approve man`s intellectual fiction. Music developed into variety of clips.

Economists and lawyers began to beg. They flooded with themselves society, the most numerous layer of social pie.

Everything for the sake of you my woman - lost the value and the value. Nobody is sure how many marriage will continue. Masses to it aspires that it will be convinced of insolvency it to support, to protect, equip. People waited for the Armageddon, in the form of fire, the Arctic cold, Ice Age. And it came to their souls, took root into their consciousness, deprived of conscience. The success concluding itself the car, the apartment, this or that comfort developed into loneliness and protection of the property.

Crisis, general crisis, is called the Armageddon, the new term. With a new force destroying families, the bank companies, the state superstructures. If soon do not take management in hand civil public organizations, there will come still the worst times.

needs urgent treatment society of a look in general and the modern aristocracy has to assign it to itself.

the Indicative country of democracy of the USA, endures the most terrible disappointment, an example of it today. The burst world`s fourth Bank, filled up the former middle class, 70 - thousands of the unemployed, mechanical engineering, agriculture, scientific potential, were among needy and got in line on employment them more than 11 the person is lovely.

Behind them their credits, housing and taxes were built in other turn and knock at the doors of their family budgets. Do not know what to do with the unemployed of the country still of Europe seeming yesterday, fattening. In the course of economy disorder Ukraine, seeks to stop internal revolt by the state subsidies Russia. Gromit of own officials Baltic.

of All seeks to call to account chaos of human insolvency. We admit misters own insolvency and let`s look for together a unified plan of actions and to organize the general civil union, among the best modern people of aristocratic thinking. One are responsible for all living on the planet the earth. There is not a lot of such people, and they are. These people have to respond to an appeal of human disasters. The chaos is obliged to nominate them for the management of the planet and people have to invite them for this purpose.