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Whose name carries Big - Ben? History of the hours of

, most known in the world, Still is not present exact definition of that from where there is a name Big - Ben . The bell of these hours is heard by inhabitants of the whole world, the Air Force transfers their fight hourly. Tourists in the building Big - Ben are not let. The tower of Big - Ben has height of 96 meters, and it is obviously possible to climb upward only a small spiral staircase. Exactly 334 steps conduct upward. Above a tower there is only one small platform, in its center and there is this bell more than two meters high shrouded in legends and in diameter nearly three meters.

As it was already told, till today not clearly who named this bell. Someone says that it is so called in honor of Benjamin Hall who was the chief of construction works of Big - Bena. This foreman for his impressive corporal sizes was also given a nickname Big Ben. There is also a version that the name of a bell comes from a name of the athlete - the boxer of times of the Queen Victoria Benjamin Kaunt. Anyway the name turned out as more successful is impossible.

Through this hour the Lord stores me, and force it will not allow anybody to stumble - these words of Big - Ben and other bells with it nearby that it is less, beat out the sound. Time in two days of Big - Ben undergoes testing during which grease a clockwork. Besides, during check the daytime temperature, atmospheric pressure and weather conditions is considered. As well as any hours, Big - Ben misfires time, but it makes about 1. 5 - 2 seconds a day.

In the history of Great Britain year when one " is not specified; clever man which name was lost in the history, solved this problem with the help of a usual English penny. And it is valid if to put a coin on a pendulum which reaches four meters then hours accelerate the course exactly on 2. 5 seconds a day. The inspector tries to obtain the accuracy of the English hours in such a way - adding or cleaning a coin from a pendulum.

It is necessary to tell that, despite weight in 5 tons and sesquicentennial history, a clockwork works surprisingly greatly.

Dials are installed in such a way that from all four parties it is possible to see time which hours show Big - Ben. Hours are made of Birmingham fell down, hour hands are cast from cast iron, and here minute hands are made of the sheet of copper. By special research it was established that minute hands pass in total 190 kilometers in a year.

It is difficult to find presently the person who does not know that such Big - Ben. But the few will be able to tell that they are established in Saint Stephen`s tower at the Westminster palace at which two British chambers of parliament sit.

History of Big - Bena began in 1844 when the architect Charles Beri who was building up the Westminster palace requested parliament about allocation to it subsidies for a construction of hours which as envisioned had to be on Saint Stephen`s tower. The parliament allocated money, but provided that a new watch which Beri conceived to build will be in England will be the most exact and the biggest in the world, and the bell which has to be established on these hours had to be heard on all empire.

When the project was complete, there were disputes between city authorities and the author of the project how to provide time accuracy. As a result the Royal astronomer George Airey offered the following: to check the accuracy of hours on telegraph which connected the Greenwich observatory and Big - Ben.

Vilyami said that such accuracy for hours which are subject to continuous impact of bad weather and wind to anything and will not be possible to reach it. But George Airey won these disputes. Vilyami`s arguments were rejected, and creation of hours is entrusted there was nobody Dent. As a result hours turned out tone weighing five. Then there were big efforts with casting of a bell and production of hands. Exactly by this time also refer emergence of the name - Big - Ben.