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How to estimate suitability of the client for the therapy Internet?

(the principles were developed by clinical research group of the International society on Online mental health care.)

Getting to work with the client, addressed you with a problem, it is necessary to estimate a possibility of rendering the help to it on the Internet. As there are people for whom this type of therapy is not suitable. When carrying out an assessment, the expert has to proceed from ethical laws, the therapies concerning online, for example, the client makes to inform the client on benefits and risks of such work, on restrictions, and only after that for himself the decision on passing therapy online.

What ways are adequate or preferable to the client`s assessment?

U online of the therapist is various ways for carrying out primary assessment of the client. He can use e-mail, means for an instant exchange of messages, a chat, video - a conference communication, phone. Many clients for primary contact, perhaps, will prefer written communication as it allows to feel more comfortably and to keep some anonymity. If at primary assessment to use a combination of these ways, then it will give comprehensive and qualitatively other level of understanding of the identity of the client and his behavior.

How well the client owns skills of work at the computer?

online of therapy will partially influence the decision on carrying out also ability of the client to use the computer and the Internet. If the general skills are, it is necessary to specify at the client what way of communication is convenient to him? Perhaps, he is not able to use video - a conference programs, is not able to look through photos, etc., in other words to specify the software available to the client. At the choice of a way of communication it is necessary to choose that which is preferable to both participants of therapy.

It is also necessary to learn what way of Internet access the client as often it, for example, can check mail uses or it has an opportunity to download large volumes of information. Where he connects to the house web, at work, to cafe.

The client is how informed on features of communication in a network? by

In this case estimates psychological readiness of the client for the relations at networks as far as he is capable to respond adequately on the processes happening in the virtual world. Whether he communicated in a network, what does he think of the Internet before that for it life in a cyberspace? Does it have online of the relation or its relation to it belongs to some group? How it lasts long?

Whether comfortably to write the person the text on the computer and to keep in an electronic communication? If the therapist works as

with the client through the printing text, then the assessment of clients by their experience of reading and the letter is very important. There are people, it is more convenient to them to read more, than to express in writing and it can affect quality of the message. Whether the client uses smiles, and accepted in a reduction network (IMHO, etc.) ? It is important to remember that development in the client of skill of written language, in itself can have psychotherapeutic character.

It is necessary to agree also about a communication form, there will be this asynchronous communication through mail or synchronous through a chat and other programs of instant exchanges of messages. It is possible to ask the client to write about himself, for example, the short description of history of the life, the description of the episode connected with the complaint, the essay about the concerning person or the family member, the description of concrete problem povedeniye.

Whether there studied a client psychotherapy and there was such experience directly in a network?

If the client already has experience of passing of psychotherapy, then it is necessary to find out his impression of last process and its expectation from the therapy Internet. It is important to estimate as far as these impressions and expectations correlate with reality, especially in case the way of therapy awakes with other, than last time. It is necessary to know what type of treatment was what was period of operation what purposes were set and what results were achieved. It is necessary to compare this information, to what you can offer in a network. Find out whether there passes a client therapy at present?

Whether the type of the personality and feature of problems influences suitability of the person to therapy online? This difficult subject can devote to

separate article, one their main questions is what level of work can be required. People who need full or partial hospitalization in careful supervision and control are not subject therapy online. Of course, depth of work can change over time therefore e - the therapist has to carry out revaluation of the client during therapy. As a rule, serious pathologies and risky behavior - such, for example, as suicide threat - cannot be suitable for work in a network.

Emergence of strong reactions of electronic transfer which are difficult be operating can be potentially destructive for treatment. People with boundary frustration of the personality often experience difficulties with maintenance of borders of therapy. - therapists, perhaps, will need to establish accurate rules about when where and as there will take place treatment. It is necessary to show consideration for clients who suffer from impulsiveness, internal emptiness, splitting and aggression, not rather clinical experience allowing to predict behavior of such people in rather unstructured social the world of a cyberspace at present very much. The assessment of suitability of the client to psychological consultation online in many respects will affect efficiency the therapy Internet.

Influence physical a state and the use of medicines on online therapy

Some people use electronic correspondence to hide the appearance and in spite of the fact that the text can help at an assessment of some psychiatric symptoms, there is a number of signals to estimate which it is possible only at a meeting (for example, the muffled speech, a tremor, appearance degeneration etc.) If some of these symptoms are confirmed, e - the therapist has to offer the client the help of other expert.

Whether influence cross-country - cultural problems treatment online?

it is Very probable that in a network the therapist will receive requests for treatment for people from other countries and cultures. In such cases it has to define whether communication is possible as far as he is familiar with language and cultural features whether there will be a therapy effective? For example, the client speaks one with the therapist language, but lives in other country what information the expert about this country, its laws, living conditions possesses whether rules of communication etc.

Can include other on-line resources in psychotherapy?

the wide range of potentially therapeutic resources in a network (information a web - the websites, support groups training trainings and other programs) Exists. Acquaintance of the client to these resources to explanations of benefits for it can be one of methods of work. Aim in defining whether the multimodal plan of treatment is therapeutic?

Of course, the Internet therapy will not be suitable for all people asking for the help. And the expert working in a network has to possess information, where to redirect the person what he would be given the qualified help.