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On whose hands Frederic Chopin wanted to die? Love as music of

They say that it is difficult to love the person of art. And how to be if in loving couple both - people of art? There is a lot of such novels, but only their little bit poured out in really long and happy life. A love story of Frederic Chopin and George Sand (which real name Aurora Dupin) cannot be carried to stories with the happy end, but, nevertheless, they loved each other until the end of life and some time were happy.

In 1831 Frederic Chopin left native Warsaw and Paris went to the capital of arts. Its talented works were at once appreciated, and he got access to many notable houses of Paris.

So, in 1836 on secular evening of the countess D`Aga 26 - the summer Chopin who was already in time to receive glory of intelligent, attractive and devilishly charming young man was acquainted with not nice and rough, at first sight, George Sand. It was dressed in a strict men`s suit, and in a mouth held the smoking cigar. In 32 years George behind shoulders had one marriage and two children (the daughter Solange and the son Maurice) and the uncountable number of lovers. Her admirers were always much younger and therefore it to all treated with maternal feeling.

The first impression about Sand at Chopin was not positive, after short conversation with it he declared to the hostess of the house that he considers this woman not nice. And only one and a half years later his opinion changed. It seemed, this couple has nothing the general: it - intelligent, quiet, it - quick-tempered and strong-willed, nevertheless, they were happy together and reconciled to each other shortcomings. For the sake of darling George for a while forgot the men`s suits and put on dresses.

In 1838 Georges and Frederik went to Spain in hope that the climate of Majorca will favorably affect the worsened Chopin`s health (he suffered from a consumption). But there to it only it became worse, and Sand turned into the round-the-clock nurse. She was on duty at Frederik`s bed day and night, cooked to him food (as he could not eat local food). When the owner who was handing over them the room learned about an illness of the lodger, demanded to move down from there and to pay a penalty for the caused damage (things which the consumptive patient touched needed to be burned). Sand and Chopin could not find to themselves a shelter anywhere, nobody wanted to receive the sick person, only in the monastery agreed to give them a roof for some time. Return to Paris for them became a big problem too, any ship did not agree to take them aboard, and only one vessel agreed. Allocated them the worst cabin. Pigs were their neighbors by the ship. What Chopin complained of: We should go in the worst conditions even in comparison with pigs .

Since February, 1839 Georges and Frederic lodged in Sand`s estate in France. After an unsuccessful trip to Spain to Chopin it became worse, and George was forced to become his devoted nurse again. Sometimes she even said that in her house actually three children: Solange, Maurice and Frederik. Feelings died away. Sand thought that the lover just bothered her. Frederic was too pensive and weak, he needed it much more, than it in is mute. Nevertheless, all of them still were together. The love and passion passed, but there was a deep attachment and respect, they never stopped being friends.

Over time the situation in the house began to be heated, even more often between George and Frederik there were disagreements. The considerable share in their contention was contributed also by the daughter Sand Solange. At that time she fell in love with August Clezenge - the rough, dismissed and thoughtless young man. Naturally, Sand was against such communication and in every possible way tried to protect the daughter, but stubborn Solange decided to run with the darling. Having learned about plans of the daughter, George agreed to marriage. However the daughter could not forgive mother such relation. It began to incite Frederik against Sand. Chopin always was on Solange`s party and completely trusted it therefore to convince him of what mother changes it did not make any work for Solange.

The disappointed Frederic ceased to communicate with George though he without her felt absolutely unfortunate, she was his muse. So, in 10 years after joint life, to Sand and Chopin`s relations the end came. Frederik the last forces set aside, and health began to worsen even more promptly. Several months prior to the fortieth anniversary he died, reproaching still favourite George who promised that he will die in her embraces. George Sand endured the former beloved for 27 years.