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And when we will give life to the firstborn?

the Question of when it is better to bring the first child, the majority of young couples concerns. Presently many young people consider that ideal time - when you already ripened for this purpose and emotionally, and is material. On the one hand, it is correct, but on the other hand there are the but:

1 - e BUT: The ideal age of the woman for the birth of the first child - till 25 years, i.e. means that it is up to 24 better to become pregnant.

2 - e BUT: The earlier you give birth to the firstborn, the more young you will look after 30 - ti. Only imagine, to you about 30 - ti, but at you are already the independent child who goes to school and itself does homework, and you have time for yourself favourite. You already normally get enough sleep, find time for the gym or a visit of beauty shop, or just meet friends.

3 - e BUT: Till 25 years - you are young and full of vital energy. It is scientifically proved that at young age, people have more vital forces and energy and they are enough for everything. They manage to study, to earn additionally and bring up the child. Together with your child and you will grow.

4 - oye BUT: Children are happiness! And the earlier you will understand it, the it will be better for you. Only imagine, you mother or the father, at you are a small part both of you which loves you not for that how many you earn or what status you have in society, she or he you just loves also everything that it is necessary for it - that you were near and together.

Many young people think that to bring the child, the apartment, the car is necessary, it is a lot of money and many grandfathers and grandmothers that sat with children. Something in it is also correct, but if the youth waits for all this, then consider, children at them will appear only after 30 - ti not earlier. And in 30 both it is more difficult to give rise and to refuse to itself a habitual way of life.

As showed sociological poll of students of our higher education institutions at the age of 21 - 25 years, 40% of young people have a working experience from a year to three years and 35% of the same respondents already have the ripened plans for the next five years in which the marriage and the firstborn`s birth includes. You know, such data could not but please many. Only reflect, really it is not pleasant to you to see the pregnant woman or young people mother or the father who play with the child in a court yard or at a playground? Mentally at such moments, we represent ourselves on their place and, about ourselves, maybe, even without noticing it, we begins to smile and understand: children are our happiness and our future. Unique parental feelings cannot be compared to anything.

Good luck and happiness to all of you!