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Why people want a pigeon`s milk? And to do to them it is more than not figs!

The bear speaks:

- It always so happens. When getting thirsty, it seems so that you will drink the whole sea and when you begin to drink, so you will drink one mug more there is no wish any more because people by nature greedy... N. Nosov

Here I read in a sketch of one journalist about her life in stay by the Moscow quota worker that when we have nothing to eat - well you never know, happens, students once prosazhivat a grant and were interrupted by what could, here rather psychological as we as if not in Honduras grew up also frozen - cakes not according to one fairy tales we know torments. Here if there lived a person all life the poor peasant and since the childhood worked - that everything is all right and if lived at first well, and then grew poor - that becomes the spiteful beggar as the Baron in At the bottom or thief. Like, all are guilty that I lost the former life - here to you! At Lenin the brother was hung up, and then he saw how barin`s sons in a gymnasium for bribes study - so was up in arms against the monarchy and then exterminated all at whom not that titles, ranks, palaces, lands and the capitals, and any who has at least 50 rubles of cash.

Here we always watch at whom is what more abruptly. In America are ready to get out of skin if only not to be worse than neighbors. As if with not that furniture and not that car slantwise will look at them. School students each other envy even if him such clothes will not go also such super - a duper - the fashionable device nafig was not given - in the afternoon to be played and on a case to throw. However haunts that the owner of such device can when it will want to be played, and we - when to us the owner will allow to be played, and that if gives. But unless to us so it is necessary to be played all life by this device? All life - no, and however we want that at any time, it kogdazakhochtsya.

I here PSP bought simply that was. Generally never was fond of games. In due time the person considered a duty the first pay to lower on a " sweater; in the " noodles; and " brand transistor; Spidola - because at all is. Now the person the last money will give for Prada which on him sits, as on a cow a saddle.

Here in Soviet period there were schools especially for children of staff of the ministries or different central boards. But there also children of different tsekovsky bartenders, nurses from departmental policlinics, drivers, technical personnel office went. Now especially abrupt the schoolmate - not a rarity. In Zambia my stepfather was the employee of the trade mission, and my schoolmates were children of diplomats. And there is since the childhood this complex.

Here I was in Zambia and went there by the foreign car, then there bought me firmovy belongings - in general it did not give authority to me, but thought that once was abrupt haunts. I cannot still get into Zhiguli. Went to have a rest to Turkey, to Croatia - now I dream to strangle those who go there.

In Zambia I was given with ourselves in school cheese sandwich, and to other children - some snacks and rolls with chocolate as now in supermarkets are on sale. Well what to me sandwich was not good? To horror there was a wish to try these snacks because never shared them with me.

In the childhood there was a wish to taste pineapple. In shops then was though a sphere drive, however it that hunger as in Botswana, was not. And all only also thought that about pineapple.

We go on a holiday - we think not of that, to have fun as if, and about whether ours will be better dressed bewitched girlfriend . The car is - sit down and go, it is better and better, than to trudge on foot, and give us the Mustang or Ferrari that to overtake all.

The old woman at Pushkin wanted more and more, it is more - at first her enviably was that the boyar more abruptly, then and this steepness became a little. Well we know, than it came to an end. In Jumble one guy ironed ruble - at first from it the five turned out, then ten, and to it all is not enough. What means it is not enough if it for free got this ruble? So in a casino the people on game are untwisted too. I here, am, I play if I lose a little, then I do not try to recoup, and I leave. If I win a little - still a trifle I will play that, I will lower a shred that it was not offensive for a kazinshchik, and I leave. I want to win not one million.

Here the person lives not really - that badly, and thinks - here I will buy the car, I will make repair then it will live really. And legless looks at it and thinks - me your legs. And the blind person looks at legless and thinks - me your eyes. That is he cannot look, but all the same so thinks.

In one African fairy tale there was a beggar at whom only and was that a loincloth. And so he lived on the street and starved. Then he decided that it has no need to live, and went to the tsar, asked that he was executed. Were going to execute him. And there is a beggar absolutely naked. Asks: Whom do we execute, men? Yes here the beggar to live to him it was ceased to want And, well you his loincloth give the Tat to me! That beggar jumped from an executioner`s block: E, e, children, cost - I not the poorest, it appears!

And to us what - more than others it is necessary? We have what we have. And above the head unless you will jump? And then, big money - big problems. Have no hundred rubles - have hundred friends. And with hundred rubles rather of enemies you will acquire also envious persons. And the freebie in general spoils the person and excites rage at people around.

Here I worked in the solid company in due time, had a quite good salary and besides on buffet receptions hung out from time to time. And now, though I live generally decently, all it is dissatisfied. Everything grudges a former salary for me. I will go to hospital - I begin at once that here you to me do not dare to be rude, I in the solid company worked, went by the Jaguar, published articles! What the rubbish is? I here shrimps, remember, ate on a grill! What? To me to wash a ladder? I am a creative specialist, but not a polomoyka!

And here I read interview with some people which to Soviet period went by the Buick - difficultly to present to us that it was for those times. And now journalists ask them - as, a pier to you it, to be a simple pensioner when were one of the most abrupt in the country earlier? And those speak - yes nothing, I do not complain, is happy with life. Here my grandfather in the war died - it is bad. My sister interviewed descendants of the Russian noblemen from whom in revolution took away pictures, just at an exhibition of these pictures in London - whether hope to restore the rights for these pictures? And they are it is a pity for us, of course, family relics, but let people look, it is pleasant to us that these pictures of all please. At David Byyuik, the journalist interviewed the founder of the known automobile company who, by the way, created also the sprayer for lawns and a tank for a toilet bowl, goods and until now profitable when he died in hospital for the poor - that answers, supposedly I consider life lived not by gift as - millions of people in my tanks lower every day water in any way. It not on the street to the box to run. And that they at the same time me can not remember - so the one who built pyramid of Cheops, we do not know by last name too.

Here we come tired, and it is necessary to tide up the room. Or we just laziness also want to relax on a sofa, and it is filled up with any hlyam. So we to dream of the palace with servants or of the robot at once - the cleaner. And to someone in pleasure if is where the floor to wash. In war the starving children imagined not simple food, but such what and before war only in cinema saw - kakogont a dairy pig on a dish. And how many pleasure was then from a piece of bread which the soldier on the street gave. Not to forget all life. Vaughan Buratino represented porridge with jam and as stuck into a bulb which was brought by the father Carlo.

I in the childhood went tired of school with the got wet legs - so dreamed also of new boots which are not blotted, and about a limousine on foot not to go, and about that on this limousine directly in restaurant the beefsteak is. And home I will come, I will eat, then with the book on a sofa - and all troubles designate.