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Reduction. net!!!!!!

In a smoking-room began not to force the way. All talk only on reductions. Heard from one head of department that our government reminds the little boy, pissing on fire made by big uncles more and more. Some fermentation in collective is felt. Disorder.

By there passed the deputy on shots. Somehow strange looked in my party. Zainteresovanno.

The marketing specialist wrote the application on own. It is felt that well studied labor market.

Dismissed the cleaner aunt Mashu. On an entrance hung out the order that each department cleans the office independently. Rags and buckets should be brought from the house.

Dismissed the driver Sashka. The director goes on office now. Already broke a back headlight.

On a New Year`s office party sang On the tundra, on the wide road The Striptease promised by a planning department took place, but passed somehow inertly. Clapped for politeness, and little girls tried.

The finance director stopped being financial of - for total absence of finance. Plays for days on end in sapper .

From two system administrators left one. Speak cast lots. Police officers came, took away the computer from a reception, the cash register from accounts department and all three mops from a toilet.

The office was cleared at once of all office plankton. Did not regret even the secretary director Sveta - cancelled dream of young managers. Eh, where my seventeen the Advertising department sold to

the last slogan and was closed. The sales department tries to remove a sign neon with a company name and to sell. Took away the gas gun from the security officer and too offered for sale. From toilets paper and soap was gone. In departments there are more and more empty bottles in the mornings.

Got rid at last of the deputy on shots. It is possible to breathe sigh of relief.

Dismissed the director. Sent some anti-recessionary.

Anti-recessionary people in plain clothes took away in the morning. Remained ran up.

There was one I am a porter Kolpakov. I cannot be dismissed, I have keys from office and still I am able to switch off the electric meter at the included electrobulbs. Now it is appreciated, but not diplomas of MBA. No, still the cat Vasily with me remained, but he always was not on the staff.