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What to tell about Love?

About love are written much. Verses on love, novels, poems How to win love as to keep it how to return if that But all the same, very few people speak about love to the beloved. Often forget about it in several months. Men in the majority neglect such opportunity to show the feelings (and women, in fact, too, just men need it slightly less and seldom admit even to themselves about desire to hear words of love).

But if it is awkward to you to tell just like that aloud I love you there is a set of other ways for this purpose. You can write in a card, a sms`ka, a note or the letter on the feelings. Here it is already possible to show the imagination and not to be limited to treasured three words. Of course, it is possible to use ready frazochka and rhymes, but it will be far more pleasant to read something written personally you. Even if you have no special talent, it is always possible to find it that it will be significant personally for your half that will be able to touch it and to cause tears in the eyes. And then she will surely want to make something in reply for you, to show the love.

I store several years those letters, cards and notes which were written to me by my darling. Every time, re-reading them, my heart is filled with pleasure and heat, I understand how a lot of things connect us and how many we should pass still together. This collection of messages is replenished with new recognitions also now, let is more rare, but it always something special. I would like to share with you some of them.

Darling! Today I had a good day because you were near to . These days were color You do not even represent what happiness to be near you, is simple to take by hand, to glance in eyes and to tell nothing, simply to be near. To care, love, to fill up and wake up in one bed, to make a breakfast, to kiss on a cheek and to tell Good morning, darling! it is simple to be near, to be near ! Tomorrow there will be as always a gray day full of melancholy and loneliness, the empty house filled with hope and thoughts of you, the kid

I need only you, the small, favourite and gentle sun capable to warm and caress me in any weather... I love you and I want that you were my small mascot which is driving away from me any troubles and adversities...

I want to explain you everything that I feel, I want to open it only for you and nobody else. I want to share with you both pleasure, and a grief, melancholy or something else Understand, I love you above all, and I want that you were always my one and only and favourite little girl about whom I will care and love. Only you, and nobody else

And these from cards and sms`ok:

Hi, my baldezhny kid,

Ya I leave, and you all sleep. Forgive to

for this rubbish,

That I leave, and that laziness... But safely I will tell

to you:

the Kitten, I love you!

Hi, my kitten lovely, So tender

, playful,

Gentle, sweet, as if honey,

Free as at birds weeds,

the Saint, innocent as the child. Know

: I love you!

What I to you, Kisya, can wish?

to be soft, fluffy, to study as five.

Cheerful, beautiful, obedient to be,

not to ache, not to bite, and to love passionately!

I write it not to brag. And to give an example, not verses of the great poet and not lines from a romance novel, and words of the ordinary person, same, as well as you, but

which is not afraid to tell about love Love, and be loved!