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The review of Audi Q7, BMW X5, Porsche Cayenne

Generosity - here success!

Audi Q7 is the most qualitative and in own way the unusual car from all model range. The German company never released earlier SUVs but therefore this model too not really - that strongly differs from the predecessors. Yavney superiority is the huge salon on 7 places, and also special attention should be paid to the road gleam regulated by a pneumosuspension bracket. Almost any frills as at the SUV, here you will not find. It is simpler to Q7 to call the full-fledged versatile person, than to SUVs - and it is the fact!

External similarity is closer to the crossover, than the SUV, however this model about any another you will not confuse. In front of Audi it seems very expressive and unusual, and behind nothing unusual to see and do not try - obviously fashion designers did not take care in equal measures over both parts But about quality of finishing of salon there are no complaints - Audi always the expert in it. The person who once drove Audi will feel as houses (everything is habitual before that it is simple not to put into words)!

On the superior quality and multimedia system MMI which serves faithfully to happy owners of Audi to this day.

But developers forgot partially about convenience a little too. He agrees, on forward places it is possible to play soccer, but on the second and third - not to be developed. Alas is an omission.

We will begin research of running opportunities Audi. Not to confuse obviously this model with competitors. Here to you and smoothness of the course, and good stability, and is a lot more what another.

Here anything, except a praise model does not deserve.

We will consider a luggage compartment. At once when opening a trunk lid you are surprised why so there is not enough place?! But all surprise will take place if you put the third row of seats - and you will be able to see all width of the German soul of Audi.

Roads of the road

the Following model - BMW X5. This is a unique person in the class, equal to which not to find. Once you look about the parties at this giant of a drayving, will understand - it is super. Looking at this model, with surprise you notice that here to find nothing superfluous: everything is accurate, symmetric lines of a body are looked through.

Having glanced in salon you begin to understand that not only with outside this so nice car - but inside it is even more coped. Only it is worth looking at the check point - and you understand that true artists worked on this work of art!

Multimedia system I - Drive allowed to remove a set of buttons which it is unclear where hid, and some remained on the main panel - and it enough! There is a wish to note that to use computer system of a car not really - that and simply, but to master it - business of time.

We will glance on back sitting. If to tell the truth then not really that is convenient, but this inconvenience is with interest compensated by wonderful sedeniye to

the Third row, in my opinion it is the best of all for opinion not to use and hold put at all - it will allow to increase a luggage compartment significantly.

We will consider management X5. Taking the wheel of this car you feel incomparable pleasure. In turns this car will never behave is unpredictable, on the contrary, it so smoothly enters them that even you do not notice it. X5 wonderfully behaves on an advanced covering, and does not transfer various hollows and holes to spirit - about it you will hear on a suspension bracket.

Backs and berries

of Porsche Cayenne - one of significant events in recent years. It is similar to Volkswagen Touareg and therefore not really - that it was demanded at first, but soon everything changed. When motorists tried out all chic of this car - from clients there was no release!

When you take the wheel of it a miracle - a car, at once you understand what such money is paid for 5 000 horses are scarcer than hen`s teeth!

Taking the wheel, at once you pay attention that at dispersal - even you do not notice it If in other cars after convincing start there is a smooth and uniform recession then you will not see it! On the contrary Porsche Cayenne begins to gather even more!. As well as at the previous models behind a little tightly, and the third row - in general to anything since in a luggage carrier the bicycle will lack the place even, but at the put 3rd row - places is a lot of.

Unfortunately the car cannot brag of smoothness go and get prettier aerodynamics To hold a strip, it is necessary to be most intense and concentrated. But brakes are made with a bang.