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How to choose a computer mouse?

of News of equipment. The new computer mouse of the Estonian modification at which time between clicks at double click is extended till one o`clock is let recently out...

it is difficult for i to imagine the computer without " Now; mouse " manipulator;. If you very often sit in front of the computer, then your right hand spends the most part of this time on a computer mouse. For this reason at the choice of this device will not prevent to be guided by the phrase: an ideal mouse - that about which existence you forget in operating time . So, to what it is worth paying attention that the mouse conveniently lay in a hand

For a mouse important parameter its weight is. Too heavy option will be more tiresome for your brush, but also too easy option it is not too good too because will precisely position the cursor more difficult. In gaming mice especially for it sometimes do additional small weights that each user could adjust mouse weight under himself.

The case ergonomics do not stand still too, in the market of computer devices more and more perfect options appear. It is convenient to put a brush on them, pressing of keys does not irritate with clicks, but at the same time there are no casual operations. The form of the case of such mice is convenient not only for their reduction in the movements aside, but also facilitates pripodnyaty mice (besides, it first of all is actual for gamers).

Still the type of the sensor and its characteristic is important for a mouse. In the first mice sensors were roller, ball sensors appeared then, then added optics to ball, and then got rid of a ball and improved optics.

Latest models of mice use optical sensor: at the bottom of the case the light-emitting diode and a tiny video camera is established, and the processor of processing of the image monitors movement. Work practically on any surface is characteristic of such mice, such model only on a smooth or monophonic surface is capricious. In more advanced models the laser light-emitting diode is used, it allows to increase resolution of a mouse and reduces requirements to a surface for movement. Color of a light-emitting diode influences quality of work of a mouse a little, but, perhaps, too bright light at a transparent mouse can distract you from work. Quality of work of a mouse depends on the optical sensor catching light.

For the optical sensors established in a mouse there are certain characteristics: permission of a sensor, frequency of poll and speed of data processing. Naturally, the these parameters, the better are higher. For those who work with graphics the most important parameter is permission, that is quantity of the details seen by a sensor, positioning accuracy depends on it. Frequency of poll of a sensor is more important for gamers, the maximum speed of movement of a mouse without deterioration depends on it. Speed of data processing is not the powerful characteristic for a computer mouse.

Connection options are at the moment widespread among computer mice, as well as among keyboards, USB and PS/2. At USB - option, probably, the only minus - lack of compatibility with outdated personal computers without USB - ports therefore the preference is given it. There are USB adapters-> PS/2 and back, however they are not recommended to be used, and to connect devices there for what they are calculated. For example, at connection of some USB models - mice to PS/2 port through an adapter there is a probability that the PS/2 port will become useless. Also USB - option has more high-speed characteristics and potential of connection on the run what will never be superfluous for gamers.

By the way, generally especially for gamers all new and new models of mice, and cost " are also developed; top models about $100 can reach.

There are also multimedia mice with various lotions . Now you will not surprise many with presence of two - three, and even a large number of additional keys on the manipulator case. However designers went further, and as a result there are models with two skrollinga, with the shaking skrolling, with a ball instead of a habitual castor. And admirers of a modding supplement models with additional illumination, coolers and openings for the best ventilation. By the way, such moddersky mice can be met also in factory execution.

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of the Slipper to you it will hardly be necessary for cockroaches for i, and here about what can influence convenience of work with a mouse and the rug which is picked up under it, you should not forget. It is recommended to use fabric (an optical sensor loves such invoice), or more expensive option made especially for the optical mouse. It is quite good if the rug has a soft small pillow under a wrist, it can facilitate load of a brush and reduce fatigue.

I wish you to choose for myself computer rodent which will satisfy with yours not only technical, but also to esthetic requirements.