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What free programs are offered by Google for users?

According to the research conducted by the ComScore company in September, 2008, a Google search engine still remain to the most popular in the world. Why Google is possible to keep a leading position from year to year? On it there is a mass of the reasons. One of them is that except high-quality search, Google offers a set of free services and programs for the users. The short review of the free services and programs offered Google for ordinary users will be presented in this article.

We will begin with one of the most popular Google Toolbar - toolbars of Google. Installation of this service is free and takes several minutes. This panel has a set of convenient and useful functions. Let`s consider the most interesting.

By means of it you can adjust access to the " folder; Favourites from any computer, and your zakladochka will always be with you. You can also create new bookmarks with access to them from any computer. " function; Autofilling will allow you to store your logins and passwords and for you will fill with pressing of one button a web - forms.

This toolbar also has built in a web - the translator that will allow you to read not only Russian-language pages, but also English, French, German and even Chinese and Japanese. Besides, the toolbar has Google - a notebook that allows to keep information fragments from a network, just as we store cuttings from newspapers and magazines. To the kept data in Google - a notebook it is also possible to adjust access from any computer.

Except already traditional free mail with protection against spam, a free page under your blog, Google offers the unique, become the business card free programs.

One of the most known and popular is of the Google Mother Earth . By means of this program, you can find any place both on the earth, and on the card and to look how it looks from space from the satellite. To receive realistic facsimiles of buildings, to see any street of any city in 3D - graphics. To look at dawn and declines in every spot on the globe and even the star chart. The program has the fine user interface and allows to keep your finds and to send them to friends.

The Norton Security Scan programs and of Spyware Doctor allow to trace safety of your computer, to reveal and delete trojans, viruses, to carry out protection of the computer against a malicious code.

The photo editor of Picasa suggests to store photos in electronic albums, to limit access to collections of photos to other users by means of the password. The simple menu will allow even to novice users to correct photos by means of such functions as framing, elimination of effect of red eyes, control of contrast and brightness, control of scale, a tilt angle of a picture and focus of photos. In this program it is possible to create beautiful signatures to photos.

On Google it is possible to download the latest version of the Firefox browser with the control panel of Google and the Skype program offering free calls worldwide, instant messages and video calls. Recently Google released the own Google Chrome browser , available in a beta so far - versions.

Google came to Russia relatively recently - in January, 2006, since then he speaks better and better in Russian though he still is not the most popular searcher of a RuNet. But its advance and constantly extending offers for users aggravate the competition, force our traditional search engines to develop new service opportunities. Finally all of us, users of a RuNet, are the winner.

Success in search!