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Transition to summertime: why to put clock?

How many times we wanted to change time: to return something from the past, to step in tomorrow, somehow not so to ask a question or otherwise to answer. To ask forgiveness or to tell something important, to spot questions of the tomorrow`s ticket or. Yes you never know it is possible to learn and make, be at us the power over time! But shooters, call - do not call, but shooters around rush under the laws not subject to the person. And we cannot put clock. Never. No way..

On most - that business began to throw hands at will very long ago. Not so that very much, but nevertheless. Slightly more than hundred years ago in Great Britain for the first time decided to throw hands twice a year. To and fro. The pretext is very noble - for economy. A bit later, in 1918, the USA also joined this undertaking. Also began world podkruchivaniye .

Today summer and winter time works more than in 110 countries of the world at all latitudes. Also these corrections of work of clockworks still come true: economy of the electric power and energy carriers (who would argue - important), steady work of an integrated power grid of the country (probably, it is not so important for Monaco, but Russia or the USA?), coherence of transport freght traffics (even there is nothing to speak - paramount), the organization a body - and broadcastings (and as without box ) In a word, convincingly. And the whole world last Sunday of March begins to live on summertime that on the night of the last Sunday of October to throw a switch on the winter place.

So, the economy in general wins. And person? Many scientists consider that the translations of hours which became already habitual lead to violation of a biological rhythm of a dream and wakefulness. The practicing physicians without special delight wait for these days as within at least ten days after manipulations with hour hands on average the quantity of calls of the ambulance increases by 10% (and it only to cores). All vascular problems and malfunctions of a gastrointestinal tract become aggravated. Psychiatrists declare increase of cases of mental disorders, dorozhno - sentry duty - the sharp growth of incidents on roads. Even the curve of catarrhal diseases is promptly torn up.

Why? Everything is simple. Hands with a cuckoo, wrist, kitchen, electronic are thrown, and here the biological chronometer cannot be translated. From here and failures in operation of the debugged mechanism which is called a human body. The person becomes inattentive, irritable, the clearness of movements and a lucidity of mind decrease, immunity is weakened. And everything from - for what was not slept. At the whole o`clock!

But what you will do if the decision is made at the state level? Here if employers gave the chance to the employees though week to adapt to new conditions (at least where it is possible!) . Both people will be healthier, and losses from - for sick-lists will decrease. But it from area of dreams.

And what to do actually? In - the first to sleep not less than eight hours, but not to watch to the end even the most important football match - own health more important. In - the second to refrain from a sit-round gathering with alcohol even if it is about beer. In - the third, vigilantly to monitor food, to spare both a stomach, and a liver. To try to avoid stresses and unnecessary tension - to an organism and so gets. To remember that we at one And perhaps, the mankind will sometime learn to put clock on here that, very much - very important last conversation?