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What can be more amusing than children? Part second

12. I was not really reasonable mother, and often sang daughters for the night: To Bai, bayushka - to Bai, do not lay down on the edge, and that the gray wolf will come....

Somehow, having asked the daughter a question: Svetochka, you love me? - uslykhat in reply from the crafty little girl

And a call (it at us very loud and sharp) I do not love also a gray wolf.

Here then I understood that I for a sadistic song sang it for the night.

13. Having bought the daughter a penny whistle, warned:

Give Nobody. In a mouth at people there are a lot of microbes .

the Brother asked a whistle.

the Daughter answered: I will not give! You have many blokh.

14. Offered the grandson a riddle: The Red yoke through the small river hung. About what it, Shreds? of

It he is indignant: Here there is a greedy person!

the Small river - it for all, and it wants to take out to itself(himself) to one.

15. Told the grandson that savages are afraid to be photographed and even in a mirror to look.

Indulgently laughs: Here little fools, the camera only for a minute will involve, will photograph and will let out, and in a mirror look how many you want. Took away a mirror and again live, but not in a mirror.

16. He was told: Well you and fruit! . Having caught disapproval, iskatelno looks in eyes No, well let I will be arbuziky.

17. His father tenderly told the friend: Well you and goat!

Today Shreds all evening meets, the men who came to a garden behind kids, priyaznenny:

Well you and goat! . Teachers laugh loudly.

18. Adds to birds the third leg. What for? - I ask.

It is not a leg, and a brake. They should have a rest once, and that everything fly and fly, and will be hooked by a brake and will have a rest.

19. Bears gibberish. What you are engaged in?

- I think out the Modern language. The sachet, here, English is not given, and I will quickly teach its modern language .


20. Uslykhal: Without effort you will not pull out a small fish without pond - Laughs - Well absolutely foolish. Not without effort, and without scaffold.