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What to present to you, the person my dear? A practical advice in the conditions of financial crisis of

Just ended numerous holidays, and ahead a new wave of congratulations, gifts and refined tables What pleasure is given by process of receiving a gift, but bigger - process of its donation. But not for all! Whether you Love gifts? - strange question! Of course and ! - will tell many.

Presently very many things became available: it is possible to present to darling a star in a sky, the Moon piece, giving, the car People less provided can make happy close people with the certificate for the good sum But whether these gifts can always please those who them are given and what energy is born by them in themselves?.

Trying to please and please the birthday man, the hero of the anniversary or just the hero of the occasion, we do not reflect what efforts costed to the person giving to get this gift. In the conditions of the pulled hard troubles in the person of world financial crisis especially actual is talk on the prices, expenses and how to live further Whether the gift acquired by the person for you on the last money will bring you joy? We got used that it is possible to go to shop and to choose any souvenir which was pleasant to you - behind the price we will not stand! And here a gift at you in hands! And at heart it is somehow unpleasant Can be because what you know what financial efforts to the person it was worth pleasing you? And maybe, because, that the store souvenir does not bear in itself that human heat and positive energy of wishes which were felt at its delivery? And maybe, because, that now you feel obliged to answer the same. And the circle became isolated. You are still pleased by gifts?

What gifts from shops deprive of us? In - the first, our money! As if so to please the person that and it was not a shame to give, and the purse not strongly grew thin at the same time? We face a counter and we torment ourselves with a question. About what here positive energy can there be a speech? And in - the second, they deprive of us the most important - an opportunity to CREATE! If we are with - God`s creators why we so cunning shirk the duties on Earth? How many heat, kindness and love put kids in kindergartens when make a gift for mother, the father or the grandmother! Yes, it is a little clumsy, a little uneven, but such gifts are often stored in families all life! And the presented vase ( Oh, I do not remember! Someone from colleagues, apparently, gave By what holiday? Even do not ask! ) which was dropped and broken by a kitten, - yes will think, it and not strongly was pleasant to me - did not fit into an interior!

Word gift comes from the word gift . But unless GIFT can be bought? And nobody cancelled holidays What to do? An exit is!

Our life consists of symbols. The plush heart presented on St. Valentine`s Day - a symbol of love, couple of porcelain golubochok - a symbol of family happiness, the elephants who stood in the row on a dresser - a wealth symbol We have in an arsenal a set of means now - the Internet, literature on the fan - Shui Ask a question - that is a symbol of the come year - and you receive irrefragable answers! And the imagination for people works for all hundred! Year of the Bull, you speak? Let`s it tame! Present to guests the beautiful dried cereals which are tied up by a golden ribbon! Especially as, on the Russian customs, snopik wheat or rye is the most real symbol of Wealth! You were at the sea and brought the whole collection of sinks? We put several features in the beautiful sack made by you of improvised materials, we tie up a ribbon and we accompany all this with words that it is a gift of the Sea tsar with a wish to the host (or to the hero of the occasion) of the same infinite wealth and inexhaustible health, as at Poseidon!

And how many advice books on the fan - Shui give! For anybody not a secret that the most part of the population of our country in every way tries to improve the financial position! So let`s help each other! You have an excess dollar? Make it portrait according to laws of a genre! How? Very simply! Take a frame - it costs together with pass - an easel at most of rubles thirty, paste on it sea shells (you were at the sea recently!) . There are no sinks? It does not matter! Take a brush and draw patterns what to you to liking. And under glass place a wealth symbol - the one-dollar note! And now consider - in what the gift cost you? And you from process of its production derived pleasure? Means, and the person accepting him will receive pleasure! Also believe me, people will never remove SUCH symbolical gift from the house! Whatever financially powerful they were!

Once before New year the collection of symbols the fan - Shui fell of me into hands. It were ordinary images of hieroglyphs of Good luck, Wealth and Love. I unpacked them on the color printer, wrote to them the cover letter (that is that and as to use it), besides tied up a beautiful bow and handed to guests. So it happened that guests appeared more, than the gifts prepared by me, and morning began with preparation of the second party of these simple, but very significant souvenirs on the first of January!

And still it is possible to give tours! How about that! - you will tell! - Same not so cheap gifts! Anything similar! Glossy magazines and dazzle with the image of marvelous resorts and exotic countries. We cut out the types which are most pleasant to us, we stack in us the made envelopes and we accompany all this with a wish somewhat quicker to carry out conceived! It works very well! Some of my acquaintances thanks to such gifts found the purpose of the existence - not simply to live, and to seek to see something new!

Now cards As we were delighted when the printing industry provided us such abundance of the bright, shining in literal and figurative sense masterpieces. From tiny, finding room on a quarter of a palm, to the huge, covering with themselves square meters areas Now it is not necessary to invent or try to discover though something But we did not even think of what and wishes should not be thought out now - everything is made for us!

But unless for beloved and only mother the graphic designer can think up words? Unless it did not put us, children? From where to them the nobility, what mother at us (the father, the grandmother, the little sister ) and how we love them?. It from us was taken away too! Also rolls which we drew to a celebration, and those words which were composed for these rolls sank into oblivion unusual man-made beauty! Also lie - huge, beautiful, but absolutely faceless cards - giants become dusty on mezzanines and in cases The place is taken, dust is collected, and it is a pity to throw out - in - about - it that rosette can be cut out from a card and to use for some gift, but the hand is not raised - let still will lie down, next time surely I use! And that roll presented to the father to anniversary lies ten years and is carefully protected from dust attack!

Councils for the invention of gifts can be a lot, but most important I will give now - give to people close to you the gifts invented by you and made with own hands! Thus we will be able to endure safely crisis, without having deprived of the attention of close people and to present them hope for bright future, belief in own forces and love which has to be in each heart!