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Gastronomic whims of pregnant women: norm or whim?

Not so long ago the daughter of my friend asked the mummy one quite usual question, the answer to which forced me to become thoughtful Mother, and when I was at you in a stomach, you often ate ice cream? - the puzzled child asked. To the girlfriend, the lover of sweet, it was not even necessary to remember long. The answer was obvious. The daughter seriously looked at mother and was indignant: How you could, mummy? And if I in a tummy began to sneeze? What then? .

Really how many similar examples at desire each woman who visited once in the family way can remember. One in the middle of night wants some gingerbreads and by all means with condensed milk. Give another barrel tomatoes, here only not some banal krasnenky, but the most real green

Is at me in mind one more typical case. My colleague, being already on snosyakh, day and night ate greedily chalk. One afternoon, when its secret stocks were unexpectedly settled, it was necessary to get so desired delicacy most. There was nobody to come to the rescue. Despite a hard frost behind a window, need to go down and again to rise by the fifth floor without elevator moreover add to it the unlimited number of the disturbing kilograms and a huge stomach which aimed to deprive of it balance, she nevertheless heroically moved off in searches of a treasured entertainment. When the serious way to the nearest office shop was passed, can imagine with what pleasure she ate usual school pieces of chalk. It seemed, there is nothing more tasty on light... The most surprising, according to her, was when she woke up after the delivery and glanced in a bedside table box. Having found unfinished pieces of chalk there, she just did not know what with them to do. Young mummy puzzly looked at a box with chalk and for a long time could not understand how it so passionately absorbed this rubbish?

According to experts, gastronomic whims of pregnant women - the phenomenon absolutely normal, it is result of the rough hormonal changes happening in their organism. These hormonal changes are also a scientific explanation of unusual strengthening of sense of smell and taste, from - for whom often it is necessary to refuse flatly many darlings before of products. For the same reason some husbands run at top speed to the nearest shop to find, buy and somewhat quicker to execute the next pregnant whim of the darling.

Experts also claim that gastronomic whims are caused by needs of an organism for these or those substances. The pregnant woman`s organism itself prompts that should be eaten to receive a certain portion of vitamins and minerals. Having learned to listen to the organism and the most important - is correct to understand all its signals, it is possible to remain in fine physical shape and vigorous mood, and any remorse concerning the first chocolate which is not eaten in a day will be simply alien to you.

But it is right provided that pregnancy takes place under supervision of the doctor, with regular delivery of necessary analyses because at violations in an organism there can be same requirements. In other words, all can have whims the: ridiculous, original, quite innocent, very strange and even sometimes dangerous... What it is equally important - not to forget in all typical situations about the little man who sometimes irrespective of the desire should taste that for some reason so unruly mummy wants it. And if the desire to try all the same is stronger than something unusual, begin to act competently. How? Let`s talk about it in separate article

of Optimism, good luck and a good health all present and to future mummies, and also patience and understanding to all pregnant women together with them to daddies! Let all your impressions will be tasty and surely useful!