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In what secret of success of television? From antiquity people loved

and could see continuously three things: on fire, water and on how others work. Probably, these three whales also are the basis for modern television - work iron and still.

The first whale is fire - as an embodiment of danger, death, fear. Such is human nature: its primitive part always wants some bread and shows. And so was always, throughout human history. Types of bread and a form of shows changed, but the essence remained invariable: people like to look on terrible, occurring on their eyes, but not with them . They amuse with it the instinct of self-preservation: it not with me, it does not happen to me .

And if earlier the people received such shows irregularly (and looked, having frozen at the same time with horror and delight), then present masses - media fairly corrupted our contemporaries: we look at violence and death is ordinary, besides with terrible frequency - behind a cup of coffee every morning, at supper every evening, and we will not choke our immunity to the evil Thereby becomes dull with

. Morals borders, and it are erased, it appears, can be useful. It is no secret, that it is easier to operate the people with the brought-down sights: what you will inspire in them on TV - that and will feel. It is possible to inspire that enemies are Americans. It is possible - that Georgians or Ukrainians. People perceive everything in a complex without filtering where the usual people and where - heads instigators of the occurring outrage Showing to

violence it is massed, but vektorno, it is easy to receive the zombie population with an accurate image of the enemy and when the people have a similar image, it:

and) distracts from internal problems of the state and persons of those who created them there;

) always in a tone, is ready to action - as it is regular it is warmed up .

Convenient piece - the TV And political strategists at us good, competent: eat not with gift bread, regularly delivering us shows.

The second whale television is water . Water on TV is presented by advertizing, series and entertaining shows. These elements are called to fill in and to muffle ability of the person to conscious, independent and critical perception of reality.

I these objectives also with success is achieved.

The abundance of entertainment events for spiritually poor and mentally retarded forces people not to be tightened to higher level (what though to understand something from this, than lives big world ) and with taste to live in the bog: people find in a telemor a bay with still water where feel habitually, without straining as it is fashionable to speak now - and with pleasure in it decay. It is much simpler, than to develop most

U of those who sat down on razvlekalovka and otvlekalovka, there will be neither desire, nor time for something standing any more, but it too especially disturbs nobody: than children played - if only did not brawl. Therefore transfers with sharp intellectual insufficiency carry out important public function - analog soothing: when violent it is not enough presents - naturally, there are no leaders . As it was required, actually. And the fact that these tranquilizers have side effect in the form of a brain atrophy - well, is costs

Series also try. They - model of our reality also serve as substitutes for those at whom own life is poor and poor, impressions and points of application of forces it is not enough, but the brain - that works and demands food and a shower, not satisfied with the relations which are available in real it appears out of work. The viewer is given the chance to associate itself with congenial heroes, thereby imitating the adventures and the drive which are absent in practice.

Besides, when the relations with the partner in marriage got stuck on a zero mark and even to talk plainly there is nothing, the TV allows to kill silence in the long family evenings - and series are suitable for this purpose as well as possible

constructed them on two complementary beginnings - love and violence. we already told

About violence, discussing elements of " fire; and love of mankind to terrible, tickling nerves to plots. They are very demanded in series too - that are created mainly for man`s audience. However we will not forget that the violence is not always corpses and blood, it as well special style of communication between people including the family when all problems are solved by threats, the right strong, well or at the worst (for badly understanding threats) - Hook at the left .

Seeing such model repeatedly spread around, people are accustomed to solve the problems similarly. The fight of good against the evil which is conducted throughout all series by doubtful methods crowns usually the fact that ours win let and with inevitable losses. Though even more often in minds of TV viewers the idea forces the way that it is actually simpler and simpler - the bucks overcome the evil Besides, sides are erased and to manipulate the person without accurate moral guidelines - easier.

And here the love serial is calculated mainly on female audience. When in real life there is no romanticism and is not expected, and heart asks - naturally, the simulator, the blende allowing to worry with taste is necessary. You remember a song Water of the old Soviet animated film: Ah, my life - a can! Yes well it in a bog! I live as a toadstool, and to me to letaaat hunting! . In such vital circumstances of the lady and sit down on series.

Along with all this advertizing also beats without miss. Its plots curl around two postulates .

The first - to teach to mislead each other. Pay attention about what the vast majority of rollers: about sleight of hand without fraud gram that is - how competently to deceive the neighbor. The husband - store pelmeni (at the same time a bonus: to force it also the dishes to wash), the chief - imitation of rough activity at office, children - taste natural broths In a word, - study El Dorado as it is necessary!

The second trump advertizing is its ability to actively palm off on us ideas of a cult of consumption and perfectionism. The thought is very much imposed to girls and women that their main mission - in time and strongly to take seat on a husband`s neck and to walk all over from it, without forgetting to consume, consume, consume: You it are worthy! And for this purpose, to have a trade dress and to win in fight for the best male, teeth always have to be ideally white, hair - silky, hands - impregnated with glycerin, on a face - a uniform wrinkle: You perfection, from a smile before gesture, above any praises! And if suddenly you do not correspond to this ideal - the mountain you, unfortunate, you such will be necessary to nobody, do not even dream.

In men it is inspired that they have to be always such supermen capable as if on wave of a magic wand to solve any problem: at the same time and exemplary family men and the workaholics reaching tops of career and peak of material welfare. There is no it children, does not happen And those who in it it is strong since the childhood will believe, wait for big disappointments and, quite possibly, even neurosises: perfectionism - piece dangerous.

Well and the last whale - contemplation of others work . This show encourages us and forces to believe in progress of mankind. There now someone works, is busy with the fascinating, useful business interesting to it, to the necessary people around - means, life goes, all in the way. Observing others work, we seldom perceive it as an example for imitation. Are rather inclined to justify own monkey business: the pier, is the people working with a high, moving science, filling homeland granaries - and thank God, the world did not become rotten yet.

So why we so like to watch TV? With its help we satisfy primitive instincts and at the same time we run from inconvenient reality, creating reality new, modified, and, as a rule, modified purposefully and not us - and FOR us. In a word, voluntarily we plunge into the Matrix.

Whether there is a chance from it to come up? It is known that business of the help to drowning - work drowning. The choice for you