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How to react to rudeness?

Jupiter, you become angry, you mean it is not right (Prometheus`s address to Zeus).

Rudeness and demagogy begin while at the opponent arguments in own favor come to an end. Or when he begins to understand that he initially took the wrong position, but pride or a lack of culture does not allow to recede.

Rudeness is the recognition of defeat burdened by unwillingness it to recognize. Somehow to console the hurt pride, many begin to attack.

Often we cannot eliminate a rudeness source, and in this sense rudeness is invincible. We can always change the individual way of response to it.

Way first. It is a pity for such people

the Joke in a subject:

at Dark night in the lane some geek raped the young girl - the psychotherapist. Having made the dirty deed, waddlingly was removed. The poor girl gets up, shakes off, puts clothes in order and speaks: Poor thing, such young, and how many problems, how many complexes!

Of course, nobility a little excessive, but about the boor all is it is worth thinking what he the person, unfortunate on life, nedolyublenny parents and women if it compensates all this by rudeness!

Respond to rudeness with tolerant arrogance, having raised an eyebrow! Rudeness - protective reaction of the person to the complexes is frequent. And as it is the boor`s problem, treat him as to poor. It sharply changes plans of rude.

Rudeness is fine treated by politeness. To you are rude, and you to it: You see kind, I do not intend to talk to you in such tone or Dear, you, probably, made a reservation and confused me with someone . Usually from the polite address boors are lost, petrify and with a fright make contact.

Boors strive for reciprocal rudeness - are fed with conflict power. The benevolent smile and a quiet look in eyes beat out them from the planned track. Thus, you begin to control a situation.

Dialogue is possible only with civilized, mentally healthy opponents. And when, at communication with someone in reply you hear rudeness, it is not dialogue, and banal abuse any more. You should spoil nerves? Wish got nasty all good.

Way second. Reciprocal rudeness (for us will not stand) It should answer

only good with good. It is necessary to answer the evil with justice. (Confucius)

In certain cases for mentality is more useful to answer with rudeness. Because if keep silent - you will think then, as if could answer: both so, and here so, and still here is how. You will begin to wind yourself, and, as a result, you will splash out all negative on someone from relatives.

As one fairly clever person told: for the boor there is no temple . And therefore sometimes them it is useful to put into place . At least in order that another the mood was not spoiled. Boors need to be brought up. Otmalchivaniye convinces them of impunity. The more often the boor is responded to rudeness, the less often it has a desire to be rude. Especially if well answer.

Lack of a way: reciprocal rudeness will not help you to keep advantage, and will only balance you with rude. The Eye for an eye - the shortest road to fall to the level of the boor and the rascal.

A joke in a subject:

- You sho, the intellectual?

- That you that you! Same cattle, as well as you!

Way third. With humour (it is aerobatics) should respond

with a smile with a look To rudeness pancake, well you and moron! Or laughter. It will cause a storm of emotions which can make laugh you even more in the boor.

It is possible to answer something such: E and you will desire to be rude... And what for? you what, you want to offend me? And why?

Try to answer so beautifully that your word remained to the last, and very much suppressed the person who to you is rude.

Way fourth. Full ignore list!

of Rudeness in the world so many that it needs just to be ignored. The best answer to rudeness - indifference. Try to avoid such types - much easier to transfer them from far away and it is a pity for them always - it it was necessary to reach such life to them that on all so to come off!

Show to the boor that you do not see and you do not hear him! There is such remarkable exercise: I am a leaf on a roadside Everything passes by and touches me with nothing . Always smile to

- it terribly irritates!