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Logic or intuition? Why to develop the right hemisphere of

it is Widely known that the left hemisphere of a brain is responsible for work of logic. It was revealed during not one scientific experiment. Left hemisphere answers and for such important functions as language, reading, the letter, the account, transfer, crushing of surrounding reality, ability to mathematical operations, linear thinking, dependence on time, the analysis, intelligence . All these actions and operations are familiar to each of us - about them we gain an impression from a school bench (and someone earlier) and we begin to develop and train actively. All described abilities are only under authority of the left hemisphere. Thus, the people of a high intelligence who are well owning mathematics or skillfully owning the speech are people with dominating left a hemisphere.

Having revealed functions and features of the left hemisphere, scientists spent a lot of time for searches of functions of the right hemisphere - on volume it was talked of a half of a brain, but for what functions this part is responsible, became clear far not at once, one may say, almost incidentally . During experiments (the list of some of them is provided, in particular, in R. Dalke and T. Detlefsen`s book Illness as way ) it was revealed that the right hemisphere is responsible for figurative perception, integrity, spatial thinking, archaic language forms, music, smells, samples, a complete picture of the world, thinking with analogies, symbolics, synthesis and intuition . In a word, all that was opposite to functions and competences of the left hemisphere. Each of us has acquaintances who think images, symbols, live feelings. These are people with dominating right a hemisphere.

However for successful and active life harmonious work of both hemispheres of a brain is necessary, and is normal they work for each of us in different situations with various degree of activity. The logical thinking, reading, the letter is made active by the left hemisphere, and hearing of music, dream, meditation, any work of imagination - right. Depending on our activity, this or that hemisphere becomes active.

Pay attention that intelligence with its conclusions, rationality and reasonableness - competence of the left hemisphere, and figurativeness, symbolics, integrity and intuition - competence of the right hemisphere. Since the childhood we usually well developed the left hemisphere, we are able to think logically, to analyze, classify, however, when business reaches use of the intuition, many are lost: to it we at school were not taught! Also there is a distortion with which there lives the majority: we are able to think, and with feelings a problem. The logic governs, and the intuition - is silent?

If we want to develop intuition, we should learn to involve more actively in everyday life the right hemisphere , to learn to think in a different way - not as the logic, mind thinks. Therefore for development of intuition of one of the main objectives stimulation of work of the right hemisphere is. We should learn to exist successfully in the mode of the included right hemisphere. How to reach it?

The simplest and natural way - those kinds of activity, which include right part of a brain. All this types of creativity: drawing, singing, dance, other active self-expression, hearing of music, perception of smells, operating by symbols, images. We not so often do all this in our usual everyday life - at work, in a family, with friends.

However nobody forbids us to do in the spare time it: to create and pass into the mode of activity of the right hemisphere, to meditate, dream, to draw pictures an internal look. If the way of independent development of creativity does not suit you, then it is possible to come to specialized training of development of intuition. Whatever way you chose - the main thing, do not stop. We trained logic, we can train also intuition. Welcome to the world of boundless opportunities! Through activization of the right hemisphere.