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What for an animal - zvezdoryl?

Zvezdoryl, he zvezdonos (in Latin it is called Condylura cristata) - a very amusing being. If at the fantastic tsarevna in a forehead the star burns at our hero it was stretched on all a rylets which represents the socket from 22 soft fleshy mobile naked beams.

All of them, except for two top, are very mobile and production skhvatyvaniye are used for rejection of lumps of the earth, drawing apart seaweed.

A for the rest this representative of insectivorous mammals is similar to the relatives from family of mole: and the sizes it is similar to them, both a dense fur fur coat, and lopatopodobny forward pads.

Length of a body of this unusual creation fluctuates from ten to thirteen centimeters, and weight - from forty to eighty five grams. Eyes it small, has no auricles at all, and quite long tail (about eight centimeters) covered with scales and rare hair possesses surprising property to be thickened in the winter and in the spring.

Zvezdonosa live only in North America - on Hugo - the East of Canada and on North - the East of the USA, being equipped in the crude woods, on coast of streams, on damp meadows and bogs. As well as it is necessary to moles, they build difficult system of underpasses of a deep bedding, covering them with a dry grass and leaves, but quite often make also land trips. Besides, well float and dive. Staying in activity all the year round, these beings spend more time under water in the winter, than in the summer.

An exit from a tunnel settles down by all means near water, and in its most distant end there is a round hatka in whom once a year (usually during the period from April to June) kids - zvezdonosik, number from three to seven in one issue are born. They are born pink naked children and acquire wool for the first three weeks of life. However, sometimes apartment settles in a heap of leaves, in a cavity of a marsh hummock or in a rotten stub, and even in walls of the dwelling of a muskrat.

On the land these small animals, it is necessary to tell, very gluttonous, eat earthworms and other invertebrates, and in water, except insects, get crustaceans and even the small small fish. At food they hold production with forward pads, and rays pull together in a small group.

On the speed of absorption of food any of inhabitants of Earth cannot be compared to them: on its search and swallowing 230 milliseconds, in many respects - thanks to the unusual teeth leave on average: they small and rare, but extremely sharp are also similar to tweezers.

Are busy with search of food of a zvezdoryla incessantly. And where to disappear to the one who is not able to stock and without top dressing can immediately die? The nourishing lunch and the continuous movement helps and to cope with cold.

Recently zvezdoryl surprised the scientists who found out that he is capable to distinguish difficult smells under water though it is considered that it is not peculiar to mammals. Process of recognition of smells proceeds wonderfully: the small animal ten times a second lets out vials of air from the star nose and inhales them back, taking information which is immediately transferred to a brain. Sometimes he does not manage to process it also quickly, and then the hunter misses production, and then behind it

Here such it comes back , zvezdonos - zvezdoryl.