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How to make a patrimonial tree?

Extremely fascinating and not less interesting can become for you restoration of the family tree. Process of creation patrimonial (or genealogical) trees is informative. Informational content depends on the chosen criteria of creation. In the course of studying you will accelerate, to be slowed down, perhaps, having faced unsoluble questions, will refuse at all. But if interest and pride of the ancestors get the best, then you by all means will return to this action.

The essence consists in identification dark stains concerning your family in the broadest sense of the word. Depending on the purpose, we decide on criteria of search.

Purposes: collection of information only on blood relatives (without wives and husbands) or collection of information only on ancestors (brothers and sisters in any knee are not considered). The macropurpose - entering into a tree of all those who are connected (directly and indirectly) with the author of a tree both related, and matrimonial communications.

It is possible to study a tree in 2 - x the directions: across and down (deep into). Down are ancestors. Than you register more knees in your tree, especially and rich your family tree will be full. Data are more dynamic across. Having married, I attached an essential branch of the family of my husband. After that, our children will be the main users of a tree. At this stage in a tree I 6 generations, including generation of future children, at more senior relatives in my knee already have children.

Sources are ourselves. We enter information (birth dates and birth places, weddings, divorce, death) about ourselves, about parents, brothers, sisters, children, about generation of grandfathers and great-grandfathers. We mark out the second / third spouses and all children. Then we begin to go deep. Perhaps, your primogenitors already did some sketches, learn from them. We go to the most senior member of the family, we stock up with patience, paper and we begin to ask under record.

On the Internet, having entered the surname, I found some persons who, most likely, are my relatives in 5 - 6 knee. I also found the person with my maiden name in social networks. He became interested, collects information so far. During a wide circulation of Internetization, it is possible to gather the necessary information from social networks, the " websites; Wait for me including international. Try to enter in the searcher the surname (in Cyrillics and Latin letters) and look how many pages will be found. Eliminate unnecessary and follow the links.

For beauty and increase in informational content it is possible to add the photo. I do not know people from the most senior generations by sight. I am helped by my primogenitors with a huge photoarchive.

Drawing or unpacking a tree, it is possible to highlight with color, for example, of blood relatives. Data deep into of centuries (to ancestors) about a current of time can run low. Later ancestors of your general descendants can emerge. First of all, we are defined where patrimonial roads dispersed. If the relationship was confirmed, we reestablish between you communication and we attach it branch .

To begin to draw a tree logically from itself and to place itself in the bottom of a leaf in the middle. On the scheme the tree will turn out classical if to trace only ancestors. At full option (all relatives: wives of brothers and husbands of sisters with the ancestors on all generations) the scheme will turn out in the form of the rectangle extended in length.

Popularity of this occupation increases. To one of proofs to it serve a large number of electronic programs with various options. The few electronic options give the chance to unpack full option of your tree, that is all who anyway have relation to you. Data on your immediate ancestors and brothers / sister of your generation are standardly printed.

For me it is not suitable option. I need to enter all information (children, grandsons, their spouses) on brothers / sisters of the parents and a pr - primogenitors. Therefore we with the husband decided to draw him on the computer independently. As a result the long strip of data turns out: in height of 6 tiers (generation), in length - a great number of relatives.

To estimate the scheme size, it is possible to count the number of people in each generation and on the plane to divide into sites. Sideways a leaf it is desirable to draw a chronographic tape with a mark of historical dates.

This process is not simple and can drag on for several years. But it is worth hurrying, human life has the borders. Good luck and patience!