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How to play with the child in the fresh air?

Continuing the subject touched in the article How to arrange a fizkultminutka for the full child? I want to talk about games in the fresh air. Games on the street will be useful not only to little fatties. You can turn ordinary walk with the child into an interesting event which he every time will look forward. No matter, whether you walk in park or in the yard, will organize a family sortie on the nature or just left to take a breath. Use this time with advantage!

The simplest occupation on the street - studying of world around. Tell the child about trees, flowers and plants, animals and insects whom you meet on the way. Snow, a rain, a rainbow, dew on a grass are madly interesting phenomena for your little researcher. It is possible to photograph what especially interested the kid, and then to make a photo album for memory.

However there are children who cannot quietly consider surrounding objects, they should run, jump and play. For it zinger it is possible to organize active razvivalka .

I will give examples of games in the fresh air for children - preschool children.

Multi-colored balls

Most likely, many of you remember the game Edible - inedible . Players throw each other a ball, calling the word. If the called subject - something edible, then a ball it is necessary to catch. If is not present, then to reject. Bring a variety this game!

Take two balls of different flowers. For example, green and red. Explain to the child that you will throw to him a ball, calling edible or inedible objects. At the same time the red ball should be caught when you call an edible subject, and green - when inedible.

After explanations put the child at distance of five steps from yourself. In turn throw a red, green ball, accurately crying out names of objects. If the child was mistaken, then he it is necessary to stand still and if reacted correctly - moves on a step forward.

This remarkable game develops dexterity, attention, mobility, teaches skills of ball handling.


This game develops memory, attentiveness and mobility at the child.

Rules of the game are very simple. Get up face to face with the child. Ask it to perform your tasks, but only when you add code word (for example, word please ) . You speak: Jump up three times, please! The Kid has to jump up. And if you speak: And well - lift hands up! it has to stand without moving.

The Frog - the fidget

This game - for kids is not more senior than four years. It is directed to improvement of coordination of the kid.

You need two strings. Put both strings on the earth at small distance from each other (about thirty centimeters). Explain to the child that between strings there is a bog over which he should jump. If kid fails in a bog becomes a frog - the fidget.

These simple games will help you to diversify daily walks with the child. Besides, do not forget about such interesting occupations as soccer, basketball. They develop accuracy, mobility, speed of reaction. Skate also skis in the winter. Even the molding of a snowman will bring many pleasant emotions and to your kid, and you. Let your children grow healthy and active!