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School of a sensuality. The husband - former, and sex real?

As often remain the sexual relations between the former spouses after divorce? Why sexual appeal does not disappear after all the boats are burned? Each of us offhand will remember such facts from the life or life of the friends.

Marriage broke up, and the inclination remained Happy marriage by all means includes also the healthy sexual relations. As it becomes frequent the divorce reason loss of sexual interest of spouses to each other. The number of stains grows in direct ratio a sexual freedom and permissiveness. So approve dry figures of unfavourable statistics

However psychologists claim that often between the former spouses the sexual relations remain. Undoubtedly, it strongly complicates their separate adaptation to new life. In a full glass to pour nothing.

My friends got divorced long and painfully. Mutual claims and offenses did not give up hopes for reconciliation. Not to stick together the broken cup. Children suffered. The family collapsed. The girlfriend cried in a tube: He is a cold egoist, to it all the same as I will live with two small children. It is the stranger But I did not forget our happy days " yet;. Her husband at a meeting complained of that dispassionateness and arrogance which the ex-wife presented it at each meeting with children. And he so wants it! It cannot begin new life because each woman verifies with the ex-wife

At divorce both were sure that there passed the love that everything that could, was given each other, it does not make that to live together any sense. Which of them at that moment could think that the intimate proximity will be obsession? What will it stir them new life?

Initially it was marriage on big mutual love, and an erotic component in is mute was one of leaders. People loved each other. Love and now. They considered misunderstanding as that broken cup which cannot be stuck together. There was not enough elementary knowledge of psychology, brought self-confidence, the family was destroyed by quarrels and reproaches. The inability to live together, to understand and trust each other played with them a dirty trick which turned back the family tragedy. And children were hostages of these inabilities. Their family was not divided into the father and mother

B than can reproach these people? Who them learned to live in peace? Who teaches it? Happy families can be counted on fingers. The school never undertook this heavy burden of training in bases of the family relations. Only life learns - but she learns by practical consideration, in it there is no place of the theory. Psychology of the relations is not learned anywhere! From here such huge number of the crippled destinies. Ice in the relations appears as a result of inability to make concessions and inability to understand another.

People sleep in one bed, are engaged in life, education of children. So there lives the average family. About love forget very quickly. But if it was - as it can be gone? The true love can pass several phases of the development, be transformed in more mature, valid, it has to live forever. But it needs the corresponding leaving as to a gentle and fragile plant. Sex in pleasure, by a mutual consent - only one of components of this love. But not replacement with it.

Several practical advice

does not need to ruin the nature - if the sexual inclination to the ex-husband remained, do not suppress it in yourself. Especially valuably, if this feeling is mutual. Try to clear this vulnerable sprout of a peel of offenses and insults with which you so amicably awarded each other. Who knows, perhaps, it is a new round of your relations, and the family will become strong again, having passed a hearth of tests? There is a set of vital examples when spouses again made out - Jure conjugal ties. And for the third time, and in the fourth Such habit to marry.

And here you should not turn the beloved children into object of speculation. Unfortunately, life abounds with such examples. The ex-wife does not allow to meet children if the sexual relations are not renewed. Roughly and without results. The rare man will allow to manipulate himself so ineptly.

In order that your relations were renewed, it is necessary to try to both. Perhaps, it is time to talk friendly? To smoke a symbolical pipe of peace and to understand, at last, what really served as the divorce reason. The main thing - to exclude at the same time mutual reproaches and insults.

If sex with being the husband / wife once was the main component of your marriage, remember the most intimate and warm minutes. Try to develop these relations, having given them more mature vector. Change only for the better. How? Begin to read literature on a subject, watch video - what - what, and it on the Internet in a huge number. Also ask, at last, the half of what is waited by him / her from you in a bed?

You incidentally did not forget about a prelude? It is magnificent creative process for two. Theater of life where both of you are the first violins. Sex without beautiful prelude is poor, rolls down to hateful satisfaction of physiological requirement. Romantic evening, a gentle bouquet of flowers, the melody loved for both, only yours

Dear girlfriends, right at the end - a little advice for you. Simple, but very effective.

The woman - a delicate flower therefore at each meeting with ex-the husband you have to smell sweet. Surprise, blow his mind. It is one more your chance to change life to the best. Once he chose you from thousands of other women. It was its personal choice. Over the years the lovely image changes, give it the new shades - improved unusual. For this purpose just analyse style of your relationship. What was not pleasant to each of you in behavior of another? It is much more interesting and more useful to change itself, than the partner!

The fine relations in a family remain and cultivated only where everyone thinks and cares for another!

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