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Why FBI declared John Dillindzher Enemy of the people No. 1 and the people called The Bandit - the gentleman ? Life after death of

These several dollars which you will lose now will buy you stories which you will tell the children and grandsons .

John Dillindzher.

John Dillindzher`s history, the great robber of times of the Great Depression told in the first and second parts of this article does not come to an end with his death.

Still on July 22 admirers note Put John Dillindzher . This day in Chicago members of society John Dillindzher died for you gather at movie theater where agents made an ambush, and repeat a short way to the lane where it died.

In the city of Nashville, State of Indiana, long time there was John Dillindzher`s museum. The inspector of the museum Joe Pinkston claimed that Dillindzher was innocent at all, and is employed by banks which after it robberies received an insurance. Later banks handed over its FBI. This theory caused smiles until Joe did not die under the obscure circumstances... The museum was closed for several years, and now in the city Hammond, the State of Indiana is open again.

About Jonah Dillindzher two movies, the first in 1945, by the second - in 1973 were shot, and on March 10 in Chicago shootings of the new movie - " will begin; Enemies of the people in a leading role - Johnny Depp.

Still there is a question - and whether John was killed on July 22? Or it was someone another? Some researchers of a question believe that the petty criminal whom John himself also employed was killed, counting that that will be arrested, and John will have time for leaving the country. Calculation was absolutely correct - FBI would never recognize the mistake as it would mean disorder of the organization what Hoover could not go to in any way. Other version - FBI also organized it show for a raising of the importance, having used the figurehead.

These versions are supported by some facts. For example, when the father Jonah saw the dead son, he exclaimed: This is not my boy! . Well, you will tell, John performed plastic surgery shortly before death! However John had blue eyes, and at a corpse they were brown... (It received the following possible explanations: a) hemorrhage in eyes from blow when John fell; b) from a heat color of eyes changed; c) color of eyes changed from a wound in the head.)

At survey of a corpse no scars were found in a morgue, but the heart disease which John did not suffer was found, otherwise could not play with such success in baseball for prison team. Besides, in the picture made in a morgue the corpse has all foreteeth, John had no top cutter that is well visible in pictures and shots. The corpse was also a little lower than growth.

Now let`s return to a funeral. By the time of John`s death his father was poor, he hardly had money for preparation of a body for burial. However in couple of days after a funeral it was on a cemetery with workers, cement and fittings to close a grave - in order that marauders did not dig out a body or that it was impossible to carry out necessary analyses finally to identify a body?

In 1963 " newspaper editorial office; Star of Indianapolis the letter signed by John Dillindzher with the enclosed photo of the person reminding the grown old John was received. The same letter was received also by the owner of that time Small Bohemia . Letters were checked by handwriting experts and recognized as false. At verification of the photo it was specified that the probability that on it the grown old John is depicted, makes only 14 percent.

However exists too many questions which did not receive the answer unambiguously to recognize that the killed was John Dillindzher. It is quite possible that in John Dillindzher and John Edgar Hoover`s fight the last word remained for John Dillindzher...