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How not to wake all house? A confession of a slonopotam

Earlier - early morning. Door scratch. Footfall. Rustling, rumble, ring. Then the oppressing silence and the sleeping mind collapsing on the stream of sounds which appeared because that someone dropped something again!

Yes, it was I. And it is one more morning which began with shouts of relatives that now at them at last there came long-awaited days off and they have the right to sleep after long sleepless nights. But I, as always, should go somewhere early in the morning and, as a result, to wake all around. If this situation is familiar to you, then you here!

When I understood that I am already rather tired from similar cases, I reflected that it is necessary to make that, as they say, both wolves were full, and sheep are whole . I give below a result of the reasonings which helped me and, I hope, will help somebody else!

First of all, it is worth remembering that morning - time of the victims . When you want to make quietly something, inevitably face that it is necessary to do it something in own way, as in the morning: either very slowly, or it is very careful. From this the following councils follow:

1. Clearing of the territory. As often parents spoke to you: Collect a portfolio since evening that in the morning to forget nothing ? If you gathered where - or since morning a bit earlier, then this manual should be remembered. But if you at the same time do not want to wake the family, from this phrase it is necessary to draw one more wise thought: since evening it is necessary to prepare not only portfolio but also apartment. Think over a route along which you will follow next day, and at once clean all rustling and just rustling objects from the way. It will give you chance not to come across them in the future.

Remember minuses of the apartment as that: the creaking floor boards (are, as a rule, where most of all go); loops which are time for greasing long ago; something else of this sort. Such places of X it is necessary to avoid diligently upon transition from the room to the room.

2. Minimum of movements. the route do not need to be considered also from other parties. In particular, it is necessary to remember what things can be useful to you since morning and where they are (at the same time put them in the evening on a foreground). It will allow you to go on the apartment as little as possible, so, to make the minimum quantity of noise by the movements! Besides, making less movements, for example, at preparation of a breakfast, not swinging hands and without trying to find at the bottom of a box for tableware that, the most favourite, a spoon, you also provide to the family a quiet and quiet sleep still, at least, within 10 - 15 minutes.

3. Time maximum. in the Afternoon it is much much less, but, as a rule, understanding that you had only 5 minutes on washing, coffee / tea, collecting of a handbag / case and on search of keys from the house, incredibly increases mobility of the person, and together with it also amount of adrenaline in blood, speed of chaotic dashes to and fro in search of necessary (even if it lies somewhere near you) and, of course, noise level. Therefore it will be best of all to rise slightly earlier, than would follow, and without haste to make all necessary manipulations. Such simple course can even present to you several excess minutes which you will be able to spend safely, for example, for that all - to get the small spoon from a box bottom, accurately and slowly getting on one tableware for time. At the same time also you will clean up! But, certainly, everyone has to solve for himself on what to spend the appeared time.

4. Last council, final . So if all above-mentioned councils did not help and relatives still wake up from suspicious rustles around kitchen, then there is the last, extreme option. It consists of two parts, at choice.

The first: by agreement you can carry out a ceremony of initiation and devote all owls in sacrament of a morning rising. Reaction initiated on your offer in many respects depends on your oratorical abilities and on ability to convince.

Second part: if owls refuse flatly to turn in larks all the same not all is lost! An exit is always! What? Elementary: buy everyone earplugs for ears. Perhaps, they will also not provide full sound insulation, but your plaintive morning postanyvaniye for certain will not be noticed.

What, and it does not help?? Do not despair, there was the last ace in a sleeve! More likely, the truth, a jack or ten, but nevertheless is better, than nothing. Just postpone, whenever possible, all the affairs for more acceptable time. Or in general cancel. If does not burn, of course.

If it is correct to make everything (not to leave in a huff, rehearsing future conversation with the chief; not to knock a spoon on a pan, representing the shaman in aspiration to cause for today a sunny weather; and in general to have sincere desire not to awake people around), at the end of you the small award waits. When you already quietly - close quietly behind yourself an entrance door and is proud to smile to the small morning feat, your family, having turned over on other side, is grateful posopit to you following, wishing successful day.