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What is a dogsledding? Pleasant from useful

I do not understand people who do not love winter. In the bulk they - the sad and tortured by winter inconveniences citizens, such victims of an urbanization. Yes, dirty city crumpled wheels of cars snow. Yes, badly cleared away streets, terrible icicles, dangerous ice and other city winter inconveniences. And winter - that, actually, - one of the best seasons. Only it is necessary to know places.

When you still will see fluffy from hoarfrost or the trees poured by ice silver? And snow-whiteness of snow on plains when snow how sugar on teeth, squeaks under padded fine valenoks? And a fantastic charm of winter early twilight in the wood, white from snow? And the pleasure to rise on a ski track or on ice of skating rinks? And holidays winter: Christmas, New year, Kreshchenye, Maslenitsa! And driving on the sled three? Or dogsledding? No, friends. From winter it is necessary to beat out all its fine gifts. And for this purpose it is necessary just to go out of town, there, where there lives the real winter.

Went to a dogsledding? I invite you to the State of Michigan to the Top peninsula, almost to border with Canada, to the town of Vetmor (from me 6 hours` journey without violation!) in National reserved park. Somebody lives there in the cozy wooden house from fat logs Fred Pauyers. Here also it holds this entertainment - a dogsledding.

Everything began with his interest in hunting. And time hunting, and dogs. Fred`s rack was well-known all around. Who did not hunt with subgun dogs, that has no idea as it is difficult to rally good hunting rack is to you not group of children in a garden to accept many a little. Dogs have to work as animals, and to be uniform pack. Why in the people speak about people fight as two dogs ? And if only two dogs cannot get on how to be with hunting rack? These are that at execution! It is necessary to love and understand very much ours friends of the person to bring up good hunting dogs. Fred also devoted it himself. Began to be engaged in a professional breeding. Over all country the turn stands behind its doggies.

Once, hunting with the rack alone, he stumbled in the wood and broke a leg. The change was open. And " option; regained consciousness - plaster! at it was not. And there was only a " option; do not sleep - you will freeze! . Also ours rescued Fred friends of the person - he threw off a pea jacket camouflage on snow, settled on it, whistled the doggies and ordered them (as at Pakhmutova: he told Let`s roll! Also waved a hand... ) to pull a pea jacket teeth to the next housing, to people. And that you think, extended its doggies! Rescued. Though never he also trained the dogs on sanitarno - rescue operations.

And not only rescued, but also threw to Fred idea to grow up purely draft dogs. And those have to possess absolutely other qualities, and criteria (full suppression of hunting instincts, but ability of protection of the owner!) for a breeding in this thin business absolutely others. Therefore it had to go to Alaska to the remote place to look for experts - Eskimos. Difficult this business, I will tell you, now, when the real Eskimo with the real draft dogs disappeared - changed on " Mercedes; on a snowmobile, on a tractor. Sooner or later, but found. Bought several doggies, itself studied to kayurstvovat and returned in the godforsaken Vetmor.

Now he should have quarreled with bureaucrats - to license the business. The first animal activists fell upon Fred: Went crazy, the izdevatel to go by dogs?! Tally-ho! . Also he tried to explain to these zhalelshchik that for these dogs run and dragging of sledge with horsemen - the same work, as for hunting - hunting, and for the guide - making of a way for blind people, and sanitary - for pulling of wounded from a battlefield, and for police dogs - capture of a trace. He said to them that let it is better at the airports and other terminals stand up for the rights - there dogs on drugs are placed and withdrawal pains suit to them that they are more bright these drugs in baggage passenger looked for.

Well, the logic won. And now, having overcome all possible obstacles, having insured the business from having bitten, falling, a turning of sledge and other troubles, it opened the business. And business prospers so that for winter of 2008 - 2009 at Fred everything was reserved for the year ahead. It opened several websites on the Internet, but it does not need self-advertisement. There he gives more likely a practical advice to dogsleder: how to put on - it is correct to put shoes on when to take spalnichka as it is correct to keep the child in sledge how to reach in him in backwoods what temperature is expected for the period of arrival of guests what dogs are ready to sale.

As all - to sweep on doggies? The first business to reserve the billeting. In the guest house of Fred 3 bedrooms, all berths 9, but even if the group goes to 12 people, the owner of all will place, in offense nobody will remain. The house - come completely inhabited and live. If you want, then lie and watch TV, you want - sit at a fireplace, you want - mold pelmeni on kitchen. Pay for a billeting as in budget hotel, and do that it is necessary for soul. And around such beauty - the nature! But people go behind another here - behind a dogsledding.

In other house there live at Fred at the same time about forty dogs. It and hunting personal, and for sale, both riding, and the doggies given to the doctrine by other owners. In the third house there lives Fred with his workers. Uneasy such economy.

Fred takes for driving on a team cheap on our times. 50 dollars an hour from couple of horsemen on a team from five dogs. The child till five years the third and it is free. The adult can only be the musher. With it it is strict, on receipt. In succession on one team Fred does not resolve more than two hours of driving. You want - it will give substitution from other doggies.

That it is important that at first Fred acquaints guests with each of draft dogs. They can be treated, stroked, chosen especially attracted. Children of guests can play with them the general pleasure. Dogs very much like to pose before cameras. Teams they work just looney. Here sits their twelve people in a row before you and synchronously carries out to sit - to lie - to a leg - a ponosk . And paw - so it with pleasure and with gentle licking in lips.

It is surprising that draft run to dogs in pleasure. When Fred selects dogs in a team, it is necessary to see how they strain to be in action. Everyone as if strives on the " type; choose me, choose me, a bird of happiness of tomorrow! . But, as soon as the rack is dumped, pranks aside: the strict discipline begins. When Fred harnesses, dogs have to be motionless and not confuse harness traces. Here they as poured stand. And muzzles at all serious and solemn. It! Told!: Let`s roll!!

Last instructions to the musher, last check of a harness, last exchanges of numbers of mobile phones and... on the snow roads which are cleared away by a tractor the soul to paradise rushed! Doggies sensitively naddat speed. You want more slowly - tell them a pole, you want with bark - too a pole ask. To look how they proportion run as sensitively feel the shaft horse - riding as carefully look back at horsemen to be convinced that is with them everything is all right. Also their tails stick out proudly whisks up. Also there is a wish that this hour lasted long and that these puffs of vapor unceasingly curled at dog muzzles. Feeling that you with them a single whole, it that you feel chelovekosobaky, and they yourself, probably, - sobakochelovekam.

Fred says that often bring to him the children suffering from autism. It it eh, I will give a ride does free of charge. Also they live with parents free of charge. It in general is accepted in the USA - at horse school of my oldest daughter of children - autists are treated hippotherapy absolutely for nothing too. If only only treatment helped. And zhivotyara of our autik somehow in a special way are felt. (What it at us, biped, died off?)

Though, as they say, what Russian does not love fast driving in my opinion, you derive pleasure not so much from the driving how many from communication with dogs. From the atmosphere in Fred`s house. You know, spirit inhabited and warm, such, as in the old worshipped churches there. But quickly time to say goodbye to the owner, his workers, and, of course, to his dogs comes: Chicago calls ugly we howl - two troublemaking cats want caress too! Dog, Xun ours... Well, doggies, darling,s rejoice tails and you give to people pleasure for many years. Thank you.