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Why FBI declared John Dillindzher Enemy of the people No. 1 and the people called The Bandit - the gentleman ? Death of

Never trust the automatic weapon - and to women .

John Dillindzher.

John Dillindzher`s history begun in the first part of article proceeds.

FBI agents Crowley and Pervis who located in Chicago receive the instruction from Hoover to get Dillindzher by all means . They look for aiming, and at last receive it. The Romanian immigrant by the name of Anna Sage is threatened by deportation from - for its professions - it holds a couple of brothels. Anna suggests to hand over Dillindzher who meets one of her girls, in exchange for the promise to leave her in the country.

On July 22, 1934 Anna reports that she, John and his girlfriend are going to cinema on the movie The Melodrama in Manhattan with Clark Geybl in a leading role. (John adored movies about gangsters.) In Chicago, as always, there is a suffocating heat, and the movie theater with the conditioner is very attractive place. In order that Anna was easier to be recognized, she had to put on an orange skirt and a white blouse. In neon light the skirt seemed red from where Anna also got the nickname The Lady in red .

This time FBI develops the plan to the smallest details. Crowley calls Hoover to receive the last instructions. Hoover orders not to take Dillindzher at movie theater from - for dangers to other audience. In case Dillindzher shows resistance, the order - to shoot the sight.

Pervis, agents and police officers of East Chicago (State of Indiana) - only 19 people - take the places about movie theater. Polices of Chicago do not report about operation, being afraid that the corrupted police will warn Dillindzher. Approximately in 8. The 30th evenings Anna, John Dillindzher and his girlfriend buy tickets and enter into movie theater. Pervis, having noticed that John Dillindzher is dressed in one shirt, with relief sighs - means, the weapon on it will be a little...

The session continues two hours. Pervis so is nervous that the cashier of movie theater calls in police of Chicago and reports about the suspicious personality. The arrived Chicago police officers hardly manage to be removed from the place of an ambush. Pervis continues to be nervous and chew a cigar which he has to light as a signal to action when John leaves movie theater.

At last, the cinema comes to an end. The audience begins to leave movie theater, and Pervis notices John and women. He begins to smoke a cigar, and agents take small group in a ring. John attentively looks back. On the street very hot - why these people around it are dressed in jackets? Why they look at it so attentively? Without a word, John pushes away women and runs to the lane, at the same time pulling out the gun from a trouser pocket. Agents open fire.

One of witnesses so describes what happened then: The Tall man, about 2 meters in height, lifted the gun and shot " twice;. John fell. Pervis ran up to him and turned him on a back. John murmured something and died. Everything was over less than in two seconds. Great Dillindzher died, without having followed the advice: Never trust the automatic weapon - and to women ...

Charles Vinsted, the agent who shot John Dillindzher began to work in Bureau in 1926, in Texas, and participated in prosecution of the Texas romantic criminal couple - Bonnie and Clyde. In May, 1934 it was transferred to Chicago and attributed to Pervis`s group.

Though Charles was not the only agent who shot at John, he managed to kill the great robber. Subsequently Hoover sent to Charles Vinsted the letter in which expressed gratitude for courage and the self-control shown during detention of especially dangerous criminal.

So, John Dillindzher lay in a blood pool in the small lane behind movie theater, and curious people, extending necks, tried to approach closer. Many dipped handkerchiefs in Dillindzher`s blood. At last there arrived transportation and took away a body in a morgue. On arrival in a morgue it turned out that many things which are on a body at the moment of death were gone.

Around a morgue the crowd at once gathered, and people began to filter into the room where there was a posthumous inspection of a body. Eventually curious it was authorized to come into the room, and on Monday the morgue was visited by more than 15 thousand people.

On Tuesday the body was shipped on a catafalque and sent to Indiana where John`s sister identified it on a scar on back part of a hip. The body was buried on July 25 in a family grave on a cemetery Kraun Hill. All night long the grave was guarded by police officers, and in couple of days it was filled in with cement.

Be continued.