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How we can help people, sick AIDS?

In increasing frequency in ours life we face problems of foreign people,

Epidemic of AIDS lasts for 20 years: it is considered that the first mass cases of infection of HIV - an infection occurred at the end of 1970 - x years. Though since then HIV was studied better, than any virus in the world, millions of people continue to die of AIDS, and to millions of people make the diagnosis to HIV - an infection. AIDS is among five main diseases - the murderers claiming the greatest number of the lives on our planet. From year to year epidemic of this disease continues to grow, covering all new regions. For these years not only knowledge of HIV and AIDS, but also the relation of society to this problem changed.

Of course, all of us hope that shortly the medicine will find drugs for treatment of AIDS for now we only need to wait and hope.

And how to wait to those people who are already sick? What to them to hope for?

Here in the help to them our main objective also consists now. It means that each of us has to realize and do it everything that depends on it. Of course, we have to help on sincere calling, but not on forcibly - physical. if you agree

I with my point of view, let`s define what solutions of such task are?

1. Not to avoid existence of this problem - do not pretend that it does not concern you, and do not think supposedly so far this problem did not concern me, - I here at anything.

2. Do not think badly of all people who are sick AIDS or HIV are infected. Yes, some of them are addicts and got the disease via syringes, - it is possible, they deserved such fate, but much from them regret when they learn about the diagnosis. And how many still people who caught this disease just from - for blood transfusions?!

3. Be not afraid to communicate with these people, ways to catch HIV - an infection are very limited.

4. Do not feel sorry for these people, looking directly to them in eyes - it nobody loves, such actions you show to the person his weakness. Of course, it is necessary to feel sorry for them, but it is necessary to do it accurately that pity was perceived as a sign of attention or caress.

5. Do not do of them the victim. Inspire in them that they will manage to overcome the illness or to leave adequately.

6. The last and, perhaps, the most important, do not stand aside when ask for help of you. From you do not demand millions, try to help what you will be able, it can be also 10 rubles and box of chocolates or any sign of attention to this problem of you.

Remember that all of us are PEOPLE - beings reasonable, and our reason distinguishes us from animals, so let`s do reasonable acts from time to time.