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Whether it is possible to make friends with laziness?

Here strange question, isn`t that so? Since small years everyone knows that it is impossible to be lazy what to be lazy - badly, and in general, the soul is obliged to work (who, sorry, obliged her?) . Meanwhile, laziness pushed mankind to the invention of many things. Usually all this is covered with aspiration to more comfortable life. Laziness to rise and approach the device - hold the remote control, laziness to stamp on a ladder on the twentieth floor - then to you to the elevator. The list can be continued long. Certainly, all this saves time, but if to spend it, lying on a sofa, having buried in the screen

we Are lazy. We know that it is bad, it is a shame, it is impossible, but we are lazy (who is never lazy, reads further). Business this international. You think, the American or the European is less lazy? Nothing similar, among them such ekzemplyarchik come across, just oho - go. For example, on some foreign a forum someone asked for suggestions. Laziness, say, to it under a shower to wash also all. One answer made laugh me. Laziness in soul, try to wash in a bathtub - answer. Either with sense of humour, or with iron logic of people.

And how to define laziness? Everyone, of course, somehow in own way defines it. Wikipedia gives such definition to laziness - absence or lack of diligence, preference of free time of work . We read further. Laziness - need for economy of energy . And it is right. If to speak about scientific definitions, then in psychology this absence of motivation, doctors have an asthenic syndrome. And geneticists started talking that it is genetic predisposition.

What there was the cause of laziness, as if it was defined, laziness - protective reaction of an organism that it is not necessary to it . Society, alas, imposes too many artificial obligations. That is necessary, it is necessary syo, it is necessary to correspond, it is necessary to adhere, it is necessary, it is necessary, it is necessary You love when someone says what should be done and what is not present? And meanwhile, all of us since the childhood got used to go on to ourselves: it is necessary to rise, it is necessary in school, it is necessary for work An exit here one - replacement it is necessary on other words. Instead of it is necessary to me tell yourself I choose, I want, follows me . Try, all the same you lose nothing

Accept laziness, do not spend forces and time, trying to overcome it . Allocate to laziness time. Thirty minutes in day consciously you are lazy . Seemingly silly, and helps. Probably, you should not reproach yourself with laziness. It to us releases so much time (especially at work). Laziness to work - we sit, we stir or on the Internet we walk, on the website Shkolazhizni. ru we come to esteem that newcomer (it is correct).

And still finally, recently somewhere read that at some people, the preference of the non-market, communicative or cultural benefits material also is a consequence of the reduced diligence. So laziness can and acquaint those who did not join yet with cultural life.

Do not do of laziness of the enemy , let better in friends goes, than persistently pursues. And the little bit of time allocated to laziness will keep her from theft of much bigger volumes.