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How to learn to be pleasant to itself? Answer questions...

If you are not sure of yourself, you underestimated a self-assessment, and own body seems to you ugly, then do not hurry to make cardinal changes to the appearance. For a start work over yourself as follows.

First of all define degree of reality of your self-assessment. It is possible to do it independently. It is necessary to answer himself the following questions extremely honestly:

Whether there were you the desired child as far as it is known to you?

What idea of themselves how to you it is remembered, inspired in you in the childhood? What

of opinion were you about themselves in the childhood?

As surrounding people concerned to you in the childhood?

What happens to you physically now when you are nervous? And how you felt it in the childhood?

As influence difficulties and problems your appetite? Whether often you in the childhood were calmed delicacies? whether

Well you imagine the poses and gestures when you react to something? whether

are Known by you how your poses and gestures estimate people around? whether Often you show

to people around that you suffer? Whether you prefer to look the happy person or unfortunate and helpless?

you winner or loser? When you came to this conclusion? What event pushed you to this assessment?

Having answered itself it is extremely honest these questions, you will probably be able to understand whether the negative assessment of itself and the appearance was created at you in the childhood? And how long it occurred?

Having come to a conclusion that such negative assessment nevertheless developed, it is necessary to begin to change the thoughts of itself in a positive side. That is, literally violently to force itself to think of itself only well: I am very beautiful, I have an excellent figure, expressive eyes etc. It is always possible to find in itself something good. In this case it is important to find in itself only only good.

And as soon as you manage to apprehend positively the present appearance, gradual, slow, but right elimination of your corporal shortcomings will begin. In any case, they will cease to disturb you already soon and to concern, then you will cease to notice them and if you are persistent and persistent on this way, then and your body will react with real physical changes to the best sooner or later.

This way, certainly, demands a lot of patience and beliefs, but in any case will hardly be able to do much harm to someone. Besides it is in every respect safer and cheaper than plastic surgeries. It is impossible to forget that we are, first of all, the fact that we think of ourselves.

Besides, before undertaking some surgical interventions, consult to close people, to darling, to the psychologist. Listen to compliments of other people, to councils of the girlfriends. Whenever possible, be photographed, remove yourself on a video camera and observe the gait, the movements and a facial expression. Try to look at yourself with eyes of those who love you.

And if you decide that you need changes in appearance, then begin with the image. Try to lose different roles, changing at the same time clothes style and cosmetics. Present yourself as the actor who reincarnates in different images. Find own unique style. Look how people around will react to it. And if it is pleasant to you and to those who surround you then remain such what you are now.

If to you now 14 - 18 years, then try to understand that negative thoughts of own body are caused, first of all, by your perception distorted at the moment. The organism is formed, the hormonal background changes, your body very much tries in order that from ugly duckling you could turn into a beautiful swan. Thank him for it instead of criticizing. Not without reason this age is called transitional. Have patience, think of yourself only well, and everything is formed by itself without painful and injuring soul and a body of surgical interventions.

By the way, any doctor respecting himself will not undertake plastic or any other cosmetic surgery before the end of the pubertatny (teenage) period. It is only desirable for adults when growth of bones and fabrics is fully complete to make cosmetic operations. These terms are quite individual, but, in any case - it the age is more senior than 20 years.