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What interrelation between health and wealth? Part 2

of the Problem with finance can be led to problems with health. At the time of financial crises and shocks increases not only the number of patients is warm-hearted - vascular diseases. The constant concern, a depression, stomach ulcer, gastritis, regular headaches, sleeplessness is only the few consequences of experience of crisis situations.

To endure financial failures, the person can more often (and some and it is constant!) to take alcoholic drinks, to fill in a grief to smoke more often, and coming back home - to lean on sweet to receive though some pleasure. During crisis the bigger attention is paid to the financial sphere, but not health. At emergence of symptoms of diseases the probability that the person will at once go for consultation to the doctor will make necessary tests, there will take place full inspection and will recover (having spent at the same time considerable funds for drugs), much less, than during quieter and stable periods.

To the contrary, the caring attitude to health will always do good to both the person, and his financial welfare. And with financial support can significantly improve quality of life. It is no secret that the medicine remains free only on paper (though there are also exceptions, still enthusiasts - doctors who do not demand additional money were not translated).

Good inspection, high-quality diagnostics and competent consultations and treatment (add to it the cost of drugs and medical procedures) will cost kopek. But finally it will turn out that the money spent for treatment of a disease in an initial stage - nothing in comparison with treatment of the same disease in its started form. In some sense it can be considered as investment in : having spent some sum of money today, you avoid considerably heavy expenses further. Also you protect the health. And what pleasure from financial welfare the person who spent the physical and mental health for achievement of this welfare will have?

It turns out peculiar closed negative circle . Problems with health (other things being equal with other people conditions) reduce chances to become the man of means, problems with finance, as a rule, negatively affect on health.

And here in positive circle the interrelation between finance and health is not always present. Achievement of financial welfare not necessarily leads to improvement of health, it does not occur automatically. Only if the person himself aspires to it and sets as the purpose to become at least rather healthy (for the age) and adheres to a healthy lifestyle. In the same way existence of health automatically does not mean that the person by all means will become rich and successful. Most of people are born quite healthy - and how many become well-founded?

So the most important for achievement of harmony between such different parties of human life as health and welfare, is the aspiration of the person. Nobody doubts that to be healthy and rich it is much better, than to the poor and patients. But very few people make efforts for that to choose and realize this option - health and wealth. And if the attention to financial side of life is paid by many people, then the attention to the health is usually shown only in complaints in the bosom of the family and close people: Oh, again heart took something... It is advisable to play sports somehow Again I recovered All this from - for works (business) - there is no force left...

At the time of financial crisis of a problem with finance and health (so and costing so much if to start it) come necessary to the forefront. And problems with finance push aside themselves problems with health. Unfortunately.

Conclusion: it is necessary to save not on health - and on addictions. do not have

money to have supper at restaurants is to the best. In - the first, a dinner it is better to give to the enemy (it in a national proverb is told). In - the second, house food is more useful restaurant.

There is no money for cigarettes - any more an occasion to refuse this addiction.

There is no money for gasoline - and you went public transport long ago? If before your work not so far, maybe, it is worth walking? And from transport it is always possible to go beyond several stops to the destination to walk.

Your health depends on you. Of course, there are exceptions: accidents, accidents and accidents, serious illnesses and bad heredity... But it exceptions, the vast majority of people does not face it (and some faced, but resistant spirit, manage to rise even by a step above, than before accident). Of course, it is possible to complain of financial crisis, difficult economic conditions and instability, a nervous situation at work or in business. But only depends on you as to treat all this and how to allow to force down itself from a way to health and wellbeing.