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What interrelation between health and wealth? Part 1

Here I will save up the unlimited sum of money - and I will be engaged in the health: I will pass medical examination, I will treat chronic sores, I will play sports, at last. Long ago it is time. But all this is so expensive - both medical care, and drugs, and occupations in sports club. And there is not enough time Admit to

, it was necessary to hear to you such words from acquaintances or most to say them? As you think, the person who postpones for later the health, sometime all - will be engaged in it? Or the sum necessary for switching of attention from money for favourite (or not really favourite?) will increase all the time, and the care about health will depart from the second on the third plan, from the third on the fourth and so on?

The healthy person (with other things being equal) has more chances to become the rich or at least provided. He has the best working capacity, it is more than time, forces and attention can give to work (and it is not important, it works for the state, for foreign uncle or for itself(himself)). Spends (finally) money and time for medical care and purchase of drugs less. Eventually, absence of health or its bad condition affects quality of life.

How the financial success can rejoice, having turned into a wreck? Especially if you realize that this transformation resulted not from intervention of foreign hostile forces, and in many respects thanks to the laziness, a connivance to addictions, improper feeding and an unhealthy way of life. And in most cases the person himself is responsible for the sores. Of course, there are people having congenital diseases or who became disabled people owing to accident, road accident, participation in military operations.

But agree that vast majority of people initially were rather healthy and to any dangerous to their life and health of a situation did not get. And the health was worsened quite voluntarily and independently: a knife and a fork, cigarettes and binge, a sleep debt and a fulling on a sofa. Slowly and slowly. And suddenly it turns out what by then when the person more - became independent less, holds a good position (or constructed the business), has the constant and stable income, became the wealthy person and is able to afford the apartment - the car - giving it Turns out

that having all this, he already on is capable to rejoice to it. Because time to run on doctors and to make up for lost time, to restore spent in a pursuit of wealth came. Of course, being a wealthy person, it is much easier to be treated and, maybe, it is even more pleasant. But it is even more pleasant to lead full-fledged life and to enjoy the received welfare, remaining at the same time healthy.

Health - wealth .

is (with other things being equal) easier to become the Healthy person rich or provided. It spends for maintenance of the life support less and is not attached to policlinics and hospitals. It is more and better works, so, receives more, spending at the same time less efforts. A spirit for work of the healthy person more positive and to communicate with people, it is much easier to tie and keep in touch. Therefore, it has more chances to achieve positive result in work. He meets with people better and has more social communications.

Notorious excess weight. It accompanies with

many diseases and is general friend almost for all people leading an unhealthy life has the columns of expenses: non-standard and more expensive clothes, big need for food (one portion has already not enough), problems with digestive, it is warm - vascular system and, as a result, expenditure for medical examinations, payment of doctors and purchase of drugs. The growing stout person is forced to update constantly clothes from - for the fact that its sizes increase.

Addictions. Abuse of alcohol and tobacco products leads

not only to deterioration in health, but also to expenses on satisfaction of these addictions. I do not speak about drugs which use leads to degradation of the personality, her physical and moral destruction. It is not necessary to speak about a financial solvency of the addict against all his other problems simply.

Unhealthy way of life.

Elementary unwillingness to play sports (in the absence of other physical activity), protection of a sofa and " TV; on days off, non-compliance with the mode of a dream, a chronic sleep debt and overfatigue. Regular food by semi-finished products and instant products (and, as a result, excess weight, problems with health and additional expenses on food) Yes you never know ways to deal shortly with the health exists in the modern world!

Expenses on receiving pleasure from life.

the Healthy person - more satisfied with the life. He should not eat the whole cake in the evening to feel happy. Or every day to buy some nonsense (sometimes very expensive) to lighten itself mood. Or to rush to rash adventures to feel taste to life.

The state of health and a way of life surely influence financial wellbeing. Than the way of life and the more addictions - the less at you chances to become financially successful person is less healthy (there are, of course, exceptions, but they only confirm the rule). Finance, in turn, too influences a state of health, but here not such simple and financial security not always leads interrelation to improvement of health.

Here about it is in the following article.