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What they are Troll Sadovyi Neobyknovennye? Morning of Halloween

One of my valyany fairy tales turned out surprisingly touching - readers complained of RR that even beats out a tear . Morning after Halloween sometimes sets thinking about Eternal... [/ I]

- they live In each garden, and always lived, a daa... - the grandfather thoughtfully speaks.

- A what they, well what? You saw them itself - that, the old man, and? Saw? - grandsons exasperate with questions.

- A as, happened... - cunning so in moustaches the old man grins.

- Tell , and? Well tell how you saw them? - in impatience the children even jump up around a grandfather`s chair.

- Also here also saw how you now! And even helped once, exactly for Halloween and was, there is only a lot of - many years ago... - the old man looks in the candle flame jumping in cheerfully shown pumpkin standing on the chimney shelf and begins the FAIRY TALE...

... For all, whom we Small Folk we call, Halloween - there now as New year our way - both festive pies, and gifts, and dresses new, only instead of a fir-tree - pumpkin! Here and that morning, before a holiday, Magda and pies baked a trollin, and new put the last autumn flowers in a jug and already and the teapot boiled, and here the troll Martin everything was not - as left early morning behind pumpkin, did not come back! Magda already and a beads from dewdrops elegant put on

, and a fresh spider line a new hat of a pririkrepil, having asked an autumn little spider to work as a brooch, and even replaced house-shoes with ceremonial shoes - and it is not here! There now directly though take the oven fork and fly to searches! Garden trolls on oven forks fly - the grandfather explained.

- At last was! - began to utter a trollin and and stood, only the tail was bulged! Martin dragged such remarkable pumpkin - just wonder, looking at it! Real, but such small, as will enter a mink, and already even eyes - a nose - teeth are cut out! Miracle, in a word!

- The old man and where he took such that to the troll by the size was? - grandsons ask.

- Yes the boy one helped it - he lived in that house in which garden there was a mink of trolls! The boy grew up a small tykovka, and on the Halloween eve cut out, inserted a candle and brought to roots of the biggest tree in a garden. Already empty-handed Martin came back home when he almost at the entrance found a gift. Was delighted and to Magda dragged.

- the Old man, and you were that boy, huh? and this house? and garden? and the tree still is? - questions pour one after another.

- Yes, children, both the house, and a garden, and a tree, and I - all former - smiles crafty the old man. do not have

- not all - so small tykovka - that is not present
- grandsons are upset. do not have

- As it?
- the grandmother who entered the room is surprised, pouring out from an apron on a table about ten bright fruits - and it here what?

Children begin to cut out eyes, rustle with candle packing, and here - eyes at them burn not worse than candles - go to a dark garden, with gifts for garden trolls...

... History repeats itself - the grandfather thinks about himself - and he once was timidly stolen on garden footpaths, and he preserved seeds, and then - his children, and now - already grandsons...

A garden trolls, the most unusual beings, still celebrate Halloween, dress up in new hats and ceremonial boots, twist a brush on a tail and very much wait for pumpkin.

Honestly - well what New year without fir-tree. - - e, in sense - Halloween without pumpkin?

Growth of garden trolls of 15 - 18 cm, bend extensively, hats can be taken off. Technology of performance - the mixed fulling, plastic with roasting, a decoupage. Material - a framework from a copper wire, wool of 100%, tops and cards, an eye glass, boots and palms of a trollina - " plastic; Fimo software beads, fine details from costume jewelry, a jug wooden (a decoupage - a napkin).

Pumpkin natural, decorative, inside - wool of red and yellow color.