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You want to earn money, creating the websites?

Who such freelancers and how they earn money, creating the websites?

has nobody not a secret that creation of the websites on the Internet is big business. A web - studios for creation of the websites take big money. 5000 rubles for several pages, and even are more. If you do not trust, you can gather in any searcher creation of the websites under the order .

Such high quotations set thinking that if you are able to create the websites, then you can earn from it not bad. But, how to achieve it?

It is possible to create, of course, the web - studio, but time and a certain experience and skill of business for this purpose is necessary, but there is also simpler option by means of which you can earn from creation of the websites already today.

Perhaps, you already heard about such concept as the freelancer. This is the person who looks for the employer. There are freelancers who are engaged in creation of the websites under the order. On them I also wanted to stop in this small note.

Everything is very simple, there are always companies (or certain people) which do not want to overpay spare cash a web - to studios to create the website. It is much more favorable to it to find the certain person who could execute a certain volume of work and take for it much less than money. The frilansing is also based on this principle.

To earn by a frilansing, you do not even need to process any documents, in difference from a web - studios. It is possible to get to work already today. The most important that you had necessary knowledge for performance of work which you undertake.

How many in this area it is possible to earn?

As you think how many freelancers earn?

Here everything will depend on how you agree with the employer. I will tell only one that depending on complexity of work the price can fluctuate from 10 dollars and above. There are even separate offers on 2500 dollars, 5000 dollars and. etc. It seems to me that the incentive to work for such money is, isn`t it?

What it is necessary to make to begin to earn?

There is a question and what it is necessary to make to begin to earn by the freelancer? I tried to break all these actions on steps.


Step No. 1. Learn to create the websites and to support them in working order. Grant

, this step one of the most important. If you are able to do nothing, then and you should not count on earnings too. Therefore first of all before starting practice, it is necessary to learn to create the websites.

Step 2. Find the employer.

It is possible, you think now that freelancers constantly travel around Internet open spaces, around various forums and bulletin boards, in search of the customer. Actually it not absolutely so.

Several years ago, it was so, but now the situation changed. Today it is much easier to find the employer by means of the special websites devoted to a frilansing. Here the most known of them:

www. free - lance. ru

www. weblancer. net

www. freelance. ru

On these websites you can see the list of the most different offers, according to the most different price offers. You need only to choose the most suitable for you and to agree with the employer.

Step 3. We agree about work, terms, volume and payment. On this step everything is very important to make

correctly. Your further quiet life will depend on it. People can come across the most different, some do not even know that it is specifically necessary for them. Therefore I would like to give several advice as it is necessary to behave at this stage.

Council 1. Demand the specification.

This most important. Remember that without specification it is better not to start working in general. For those who do not know the specification is a detailed description of that work which needs to be executed. If the specification on creation of the website, then it may contain information on that how many columns have to be on future website what has to be a website background what information on it will be, and. etc.

Happen situations that the freelancer performed work, but in the specification nothing was told about a website background, and he made it white. After that the employer appeals to change color of a background. Thanks to the specification the freelancer can demand for it a separate payment since. this condition was not discussed earlier.

Council 2. you Value the reputation

the Number of orders and the price of them, will depend radically on your reputation. Remember the rule if you promised something to somebody, then become exhausted, but execute it.

Council 3. At the initial stage accumulate experience.

You can not take for the first works any money at all. To you the most important to accumulate experience and to fill up the portfolio - the list of the performed works. Without portfolio far you will not leave and you will not earn the solid sums.

Council 4. If the task concerns big sums of money, then issue the contract with the employer. It can easily be made by mail even if it is in other country.

Fraud cases in this sphere are rare, but all - they meet.

On it at me all. I wish you to learn to earn big money, it is more than health and that all desires were realized.