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Than guessing is harmful?

For many it - only harmless entertainment. Well bad - to stretch cards and to read according to them the (or others) the future. Remote or not really. It mostly game. But is it harmless?

The real fortuneteller or the good psychic (by the way, as well as the good psychologist) will never tell the client if they saw in his future something very much bad. Small troubles are always please. A harmless illness, monetary loss even if large, but all this is not fatal. Family quarrel, the lady of worms which hurries to your house after the journey with lie on lips, a long journey in state house But something like a global catastrophe - - not at any price.

People are inspired - it is an axiom. Someone more, someone in smaller, but is inspired everything. Just in certain cases it is necessary to make more efforts to introduce any idea in consciousness or subconsciousness. Here and all difference.

The bad prediction is capable to program the person on inevitability of accident. So far it remains only in memory of the fortuneteller - it is only probability as soon as sinks down in memory client - it is almost inevitability. By the way, for this reason fortunetellers so like to predict the happy result of any undertaking, brilliant future, the king of diamonds with serious intentions and other horoshest .

Actually it is programming on improvement of a situation. All know that by means of auto-training it is possible to change the character and that character, even appearance! It is possible to correct a figure, to achieve improvements in private life Gadanye can call a kind of auto-training, the message which comfortably is arranged in a distant corner of subconsciousness and begins the imperceptible work.

It is good if it is work for the benefit. Predicted the king of diamonds with a fort, from a long journey to own house - perfectly! Eventually will appear. Let not of diamonds, let the king of clubs, is already particulars. And if predicted a serious illness? And subconsciousness begins destructive work. It undermines an organism, inspiring in it that it is sick, and is sick hard. Eventually it will affect a physical condition of the person, and then process will accelerate in a geometrical progression - the bad prediction will surely be remembered, the trust to it will appear Results can be really catastrophic.

It if to be the fortuneteller`s client. But it is much worse to try to predict future to itself. There is such confusion, such self-programming which will not be untangled also by the whole team of the qualified psychologists.

The person trusts, sincerely trusts in a possibility of a prediction of the future. Also you should not try to be covered from it with atheism and scepticism is rather new inventions. And behind belief in predictions there is a thousand-year genetic memory. And let the consciousness proves as much as necessary that all this is the purest water nonsense. Subconsciousness in which oh as there is a lot from our far ancestors will run the show. From those that looked with dying down at the shaman`s kamlaniye, that threw a gold coin to the Gipsy scattering cards on a fringed scarf. All of them there, in subconsciousness depths, only also wait for a push, incentive which will allow them to prove.

It is worth thinking ten times before to begin to play with such thin matters as own subconsciousness. Before to push subconsciousness to destructive actions.

Besides, a future prediction - business very relative. Anyway it concerns only a situation of this moment. If you are predisposed to blondes today, then the fortuneteller will tell you that soon you are waited by a meeting with the charming blond girl (and most likely it will be right, you will subconsciously choose to yourself new acquaintances from blondes). But tomorrow you can like brunettes - that is, the initial prerequisite for guessing will change.

Anyway only the person creates the future. So why to endanger it? Why to inspire in it predictability? There is nothing more boringly, than to know everything that will be farther. It reminds the book which final is already known. We already learned not to read the book since the end not to lose pleasure. So is not necessary to read since the end and own life.