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How to distinguish totalitarian sect?

Characteristic feature of our time are a religious variety. However to understand all this even for people educated it is absolutely difficult. Besides traditional or as it is accepted to speak, initial churches, there is a great variety of the organizations which were formed already presently. Some of them rather inconsiderately gather the followers and which - what destroy, both morally, and physically.

There is a question: how to distinguish the movements which are constructed on aspiration to find truth from those whose leaders profit on parishioners or brainwash?

Some psychologists allocated the signs of dangerous totalitarian sects determined by .

If after arrival in any of churches you in this or that form ask to be registered, fill in the questionnaire where it will be necessary to leave the coordinates, names of relatives, financial position (for example, to specify what real estate you own), then reflect where you got. Can treat you very and very politely (and sometimes attention for the lonely person - very valuable thing), but, most likely, so to speak, enchant you.

If in the regigiozny organization the severe discipline, hierarchy is entered, privacy is observed, it can be considered as one more sign of totalitarianism.

If you persistently and aggressively ask to make a material contribution, you do not hurry to leave the money. Take an interest, how openly dispose of treasury. It is possible not to worry, only if to you give the full account where your money and money of other parishioners will go. But never give valuable property (the apartment, the dacha, the car) in favor of church, this fraud, it is as if lawful looked.

If for followers of sect the strict diet which needs to be observed strictly is entered; if you try to force to refuse products which in our climate are necessary for healthy life, so it is one more deception. Yes, living in the southern countries, for example in India where the vegetables and fruit filled with all necessary substances grow it is possible to be the absolute vegetarian.

But if you live at the latitude of Moscow, then meatless not to cost you though it is a little, but it needs to be consumed, otherwise the organism will weaken, diseases will fall down you, the depression will attack. And children in our latitudes without meat food in general are threatened by weak-mindedness. Religious leaders who really care for the pupils will not torture them unnecessary and dangerous diets.

But aforesaid is not the main thing in definition of false currents. There are two main signs. One is a psychological pressure upon a doomsday subject: you can be assured that the apocalypse approaches soon, only the few can escape and only in that - that churches such rescue is possible.

The eschatology, science about a doomsday, a thing difficult, there and great minds hardly understand, but personally it seems to me that the Last Judgement occurs in each person and the highest forces can destroy us if we do not live is moral. Therefore panic should not give in. Especially as one very known church which propagandists can be met, probably, in each city of the world several times declared date of the end of the world and every time new, but as we see, Earth still spins.

And, at last, one more sign of totalitarian sect: promise you the better life then, after death or the second coming, and in this life you have to suffer. Do not trust and enjoy life, rejoice now, it is important as well as this life, and following. As one philosopher, this life as if told a springboard in future life therefore it is necessary to rejoice pure internal, warm pleasure, despite the fact that how it was difficult. So live schastvivo, but do not come across in traps.