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What kind person invented the television panel?

we Will tell thanks to Robert Adler and Eugene McDonald. It is sure, they were not spoiled by the world gratitude though quite it is deserved.

Eugene McDonald created Zenith Radio Corporation in 1923 and was its president within 45 years. His company of the first carried out broadcasting to AM - and FM - frequencies, at the end of 1930 - x years developed the first prototypes of television receivers, and in 1948 let out first-ever is black - the white TV.

Eugene McDonald dreamed to relieve people of importunate advertizing on television. But the idea of cable TV obviously advanced time. Then McDonald decided to create such device which would allow people to switch at emergence of advertizing to other canals, without getting up from the TV. Finished World War I in the commander`s rank, McDonald already saw similar remote devices and decided to realize them on the citizen .

In 1950. the leading engineers of Zenith developed and offered for sale the first television remote control (DU) Idler . It was huge break, but the device was connected to the TV by means of a cable! This circumstance irritated both users, and McDonald much. The engineer of Zenith Eugene Polni tried to solve a problem. In 1955 its development went on sale, but also it was far from an ideal. The TV switched by means of a disk on the panel and the beam directed to the TV. And in each corner of the TV the photo cell which was carrying out functions of switching, inclusion and switching off was placed.

But to McDonald there was a wish for something more notable - the present useful invention. He called all engineers and set the task - to improve the remote control. One of the leading engineers of the company Robert Adler was appointed the head of developments. It began the career in the Zenith company in 1941. Use of radio waves was the first idea. But they pass through a wall and easily can operate not only one TV, but also the TV of the neighbor. The second option - a sound - too did not seem especially attractive. As a result it was decided to stop the choice on ultrasound.

Fall of 1956 the wireless remote control first in the history went on sale. For many years the panel enjoyed deserved popularity. Its model was improved: at first vacuum tubes were applied, and by the beginning of 1960 - x years replaced them with less bulky transistors. At the beginning of 1980 - x the industry passed to remote controls with infrared beams. However, till this time more than 9 million ultrasonic panels were already sold.

In 1997 this invention of doctor Adler was noted by the award Emmy of the American academy of television. It forever changed our way of life and our electronic industry - 99% of all TVs and 100% of the videorecorders sold in the USA have the remote control in a set. According to data of Association of consumer electronics, the average American family has, at least, four such panels. It already not only panels to TVs, panels exist also for garage doors, both for fireplaces, and for conditioners. The DU Panel represents the power - the curator of a nu - the York museum of television and radio Ron Smith says. Freud for certain too a lot of things would tell about the DU panel!.

According to Robert Adler`s widow, the remote control was not the favourite invention of her husband. He in general seldom watched TV, preferring to spend time behind books. Robert Adler is the author of 180 inventions.

And let on our earth inventors will never be translated!