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The Universe - reality or the hologram?

Many years ago I got acquainted with the person of an unusual profession. He called himself Master of holograms . I had very vague idea of holography. And when the master suggested me to look at his works, I came in an anticipation something unusual.

The set of pictures under glass hung on walls. Having approached closer, I saw that it is not pictures, and it is rather sculptures from some multi-colored shining material. Flowers and trees, jewels and the fishes floating in the sea, ancient castles and reproductions of familiar pictures - all this sparkled, poured and attracted, inviting to bypass around, to look from all directions, to enter the World behind the looking-glass, to turn into one of these magic shining creations. And then to go further and further and more deeply, there from where this optimistic, fantastic light flew - and to see what is behind the horizon

When I regained consciousness, the owner suggested me to choose any picture as a gift. Having slightly become puzzled of such generosity, I began survey anew. Also saw a picture to which before did not pay attention. The person behind glass smiled and pointed a finger upward - in heaven. His curved hand reminded a question mark. It was John the Baptist Leonardo.

Several years Ioann hung at me on a wall and I came to him when felt at the deadlock. I imagined how I pass through glass, it appear near it, I look there where his finger - and there, in heaven is directed, I read the answer.

However at some moment he took in head to fall from a wall. And glass broke in half. In despair I ran up to it and picked up both halves. And here I saw two Ioannov - a little more indistinct, but whole. It shook me. I precisely knew that the broken picture does not turn into two identical pictures.

And I decided to learn more about holography. I read about the principle of an interference, improbable density of record and surprising property to contain information on all others in each point.

There passed several years. I moved from St. Petersburg to Moscow, started studying of psychology and forgot about holograms. And both Ioann got lost in one of moving.

But somehow time I read about two discoveries made soon after the invention of the hologram.

The first belonged to the neurophysiologist Karl Pribram. He claimed that the brain is arranged by the holographic principle. As the broken picture keeps the image, and the brain after operation holds former in remembrance and perception because the full volume of information on all others is stored in each its site. As the hologram is formed by an interference of two streams of waves, and the brain will transform waves, turning them into what we see, we hear and we feel.

The second opening belonged to the physicist by the name of David Baume. He claimed that our Universe is a hologram, and everything that we see, we hear, we feel, - the holographic objects generated by our ability to code waves.

It seems to me that a chair and a wall, my body and a cat - separate objects. But at deeper understanding it is possible to find out that they are waves of uniform energy.

Spoke to Baume about two orders: obvious and implicit. He claimed that exactly our inability to see implicit unity behind an obvious razdelennost is the reason of contentions, hostility, wars and dissociation - we are captured by illusion of division and we do not understand that at deeper level all of us are uniform - friends and enemies.

The same contention - the internal conflicts and chaos, loss of integrity and sense reigns in our souls. All this occurs because we forget about the Implicit order just as the person watching game of waves, whirlpools and ripples on water represents them separate objects, forgetting about the Ocean.

In conclusion said to Baume that depth of the ocean is incomprehensible and boundless and it can be only a surface of one of an infinite set of other oceans, unknown and unimaginable.

In the beginning it seemed to me improbable. I could not believe that it is told not in scientifically - the fantastic novel and not on concourse of mystics, and at serious scientific conference, and the author - the scientist with a world name which Einstein respected.

And here suddenly before me there were two Ioann again. Both cheerfully looked at me and winked. They settled near my ears and started singing a song which I loved once in the childhood:

If you give me a blade,

I you I will give a blade,

That at each of us to

And will be on a blade.

If you sing to me the song,

I to you I will sing the song, That each of us

Will have

on two songs at once.

It seems, at this moment I tested something like what it is accepted to call insayt . I saw that the broken glass, two pictures, blades, songs, mysterious fiziya - the mystic David Baume, the Master of holograms and I - pebbles of a surprising and fine mosaic, and are reflected in everyone all others.

This state proceeded not for long. However, it is short - the word inexact because the concept of time at that moment disappeared. But when it terminated, I saw that hands moved to two - three minutes.

And then I had a question: why this state is so fleeting? Why the picture in usual life breaks in half? One of Ioannov showed bad shot again and winked before disappearing.

And soon three more books got to me.

In the first it was told that the embryo divided at an early stage turns into two full-fledged embryos, smaller on volume. At some moment, however, this ability to division peculiar monocelled and to earthworms, disappears.

The second told that in a brain of the person there is a site in which the image of a body is stored. This image is unlike the real body and strongly changes over time. In infancy it consists generally of a mouth. Then fingers, then legs join and so on - new bodies are added as the person masters them. Completely, however, this image is developed extremely seldom - at the people who are perfectly owning a body: dancers, gymnasts, masters of oriental martial arts.

In the third book it was told about illusions of perception. I learned weight interesting about the Eskimos distinguishing 50 types of snow about the tribe of Indians who had only three words for designation of flowers - red, blue and brown, and they really distinguished only three of these colors. About inhabitants of Tahiti who did not see the ships white, for the first time come to their island because before they dealt only with boats and in their picture the world of the ships was not.

But most strongly I struck the story about the African tribe of Kalakhari. Residents of this tribe considered as the world only the village. All the rest was lost in fog and was other world, a kingdom of spirits. When the white anthropologist came to them and suggested to walk for a side, they with horror refused. When it showed that one will go, they begged him not to do it not to tease spirits. When it nevertheless departed on several honeycombs of meters, they began to mourn it as dead. And when it returned, they fell on knees and cried: Miracle! You returned from a kingdom of the dead!

Acquaintance to customs of the tribe of a kalakhara became the catalyst stimulating rough reaction in my brain. I imagined the anthropologist leaving and who is coming back - and two Ioann winked at me again. I think, the following question was quite natural: So, maybe, miracles and revival from the dead - only walk of the anthropologist, and we see border where it is absent?

But why?

Ioanna answered nothing, only slightly became sad and sighed. I understood that they grudge the unfortunate kalakhar living in fear of spirits. They felt sorry for me.

From this point the psychology which I studied lost for me interest. In it there was no answer to the most important question: how to get THERE, to the world of the implicit order hidden behind obvious chaos.

And in few weeks I for the first time heard the words Quantum consciousness .