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How it is more terrible to die?

Are considered dreadful types of death on an example 2kh movies and the real facts.

Interestingly what death seems to you more terribly?

Cannibal Holocaust / Hell of cannibals Consumption determined by

development of the world, and sometimes demanded someone`s death. Unjustified,

brutal cruelty is caused only by desire to saturate the savage with blood. On this subject

I recommend to watch the movie Cannibal Holocaust (Hell of cannibals).

Very impressive frames of eating by savages of people are shown in the trilogy. An imboweling and scraping of human bodies, an obezglavilivaniye which often savages ate crude without any thermal treatment.

It has quite reliable history first because in New Guinea (and it and is a movie scene of action) and the truth there lived (and can be lives still)

the tribe of cannibals which suits bloody orgies and a gluttony with human flesh. And in 1980kh years of the last century

researches were really conducted and material which was tried to be hidden, in view of it to put it mildly atypical contents was photographed that most likely and formed the movie basis. Probably nobody would like to be syedeny alive crowd of savages, or to get to their traps of type of the wooden studded spheres suspended on trees, or to fall in a hole with stakes... In case the death does not overtake at once hunger, thirst, and rotting of a body in the damp jungle waits. Perhaps you will not wish it also to the enemy.

It could occur as for the ritual reasons (for example believing that if to eat a liver or heart of the enemy that it is possible to become stronger) and just for hunger, and there can be tribes eat people just including them in a daily diet, in depths of Africa, on islands of New Guinea where still the civilization did not reach by sense, is not present

of the due legislation...

The most terrible that the cannibalism did not disappear as a past remnant, and still takes place to be, at the time of great hunger, and can affect any country in the world.

The Texas slaughter by the chiansaw

(on August 27, 1906 - on July 26, 1984) one of the most famous murderers in the history of the USA, in spite of the fact that on his account only two proved murders which monstrosity shocked the world. Everything began with the fact that the person who was brought up not was born as it was necessary, it is an example of what it is possible to turn the person the wrong education into. On the one hand the child was brought up in the believer to a family and from other

mistake of parents led to what they received opposite expected result, and instead of good and love blood liters spilled. It was overcome by everything: school and schoolmates, a family, life everything that surrounded and spoiled to it life. And the guy finally went mad because from the theory passed to practice -

apogee of madness became its room and the house

in which the clothes from human skin were stored, skulls served it in the form of plates.

Soup pans were executed from human skulls. Chairs were upholstered with human skin. Lamp shades of lamps were made of flesh and exhaled a terrible rotten smell.

, But also it was not all. The refrigerator to top was hammered with human bodies, and heart was found in one of pans. According to the sheriff, remains belonged to about fifteen women, and it is possible also to their bigger quantity. About 4:30 in the morning, after several hours of a search, police officers found the blood-stained bag. Inside there was recently cut off head. In ears the big nails connected among themselves by a cord were thrust. The head belonged to Bernice Uorden. Geyn planned to decorate with it one walls of the terrible den. Corpses which it reserved were so spoiled that to recognize

by them a certain accessory as human was unreal in principle.

he became embittered on everything and all and decided to revenge to the last gasp. a movie Basis the Texas slaughter by the chiansaw indirectly affects

this history

as everything vproiskhodit as it could be actually. The few would agree

to death from the chiansaw which is breaking off flesh...