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How to prepare the grandma ? Potato.

Potato are nearly a basis of all bases in our kitchens. What to prepare when in the house a sphere drive? Potato will be always.

From potato, as we know, can prepare infinite quantity of dishes. Fried, soared, boiled, mashed potatoes, potato pies, fritters, chips, French fries and a lot of things still.

But here about grandma many forget. She is different, is from mashed potatoes, from grated potato, is to a stuffing or not. It is simple to prepare, quickly, and it turns out very tasty. So.

It is required to us:

of 6 - 7 large potatoes

of 3 tablespoons of

1 vegetable oil

egg 1 glass of the

flour 1 bulb

of 0,5 kg of

champignons Pepper, salt and different spices to taste

the Stuffing can be any, I put mushrooms

we Will start. There are many variations on a subject, I will state the.

Potatoes to clear, wash up and rub on a large grater. This the most difficult in the course of preparation, it is possible to allow the husband who is ready to sacrifice coming " to this work; to a stomach holiday the fingers. Mushrooms to cut

with plastinochka and to fry on fast fire with small chopped onions on vegetable oil.

So far mushrooms are fried, we will prepare potatoes. Grated potatoes are mixed with flour, egg, spices. We allow to stand under a cover of minute 3 that juice was emitted.

To take deep ware for an oven, to lay out layers a half of potato weight, a stuffing and from above other part of potatoes, to level and put in an oven for about 40 - 50 minutes at 220 degrees.

While all this vkusnotishcha prepares, her future eaters can be acquainted with preparation, to cut, for example, fresh fennel. to Give

to a table with sour cream, having strewed with fresh fennel or parsley.

Notes. I advise

Ya to prepare grandma without cover, then it will turn out ruddy with a crisp. the Stuffing it is better for

to put semi-ready (especially if this meat) to reduce a preparation time most grandmas . it is better for

not to merge Liquid from grated potatoes that grandma it did not turn out dry. Starch I advise

not to add, in its potatoes so it is enough. too be careful

With flour to avoid dryness. You can not add it in general.

Many complain that is badly baked thoroughly. here everything depends on an oven, ware and thickness of layers. At me it is baked thoroughly for an hour on the maximum temperature.

Potato grandma not only children, but also all others love. It can be ornamented sour cream and to decorate with fresh vegetables. Not only it is tasty, but also it is useful.

generally the recipe can vary depending on your preferences. It can be different forms, the sizes, with different stuffings and sauces. Experiment and at you everything surely will turn out.

Bon appetit!!!