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What is represented? Only the artist knows! Once my good acquaintance told

to me about small discussion between him and his friend near an abstract cloth. The friend was indignant: I do not understand why so to draw? What here is represented? What my acquaintance objected to: And what you understand when you watch Rubens`s picture Venus on a visit at Vulcan ?

The last question was left without answer. And not because the fan of classical painting was absolutely uneducated. By no means! It had the higher education, and he studied in capital higher education institution. All the matter is that to state thoughts which appear when looking at a work of art, quite difficult.

Of course, something can be described unambiguously: figures, situation, background, nature. But all salt - in communication between elements. And here the imagination can take away far from the artist`s plan, sometimes even very much, and can - and will not bring anywhere.

Therefore it is very curious to know: how authors comment on the creations? The first time to me was succeeded to receive author`s interpretation Tsili Shokham (Tel - Abibus). If not it, I do not know that I could think of her clay little men! And at that moment I only listened, I had no thoughts at all. Then I did not try to comment on pictures yet, but this meeting, probably, somehow and somewhere adjusted me.

And here its majesty the case brings together me with the artist. We walked according to old Yaffo, Sasha Ganelin`s gallery was open. We came, were twisted We were going to buy nothing, only to take a look but something in his pictures touched soul.

Later quite long time (me already began to publish in To School of life ) we glanced to Sasha, already with the camera again. I asked for permission to shoot, then it was presented by the journalist and told that I would like to write about it. We agreed about a meeting, met, have a talk, drank a tea - article appeared after that.

There were some more meetings, we sometimes looked on it. Learned that his pictures are published in the Network. Pictures were painted thirty years ago when Sasha did the diploma: the cycle devoted to BAM. In pictures people, landscapes, industry echoes The idea to receive the comment of the author was born.

And I asked Sasha to tell about how he wrote it whom and that it represented. Its narration was not just interesting, it was fascinating. And it in spite of the fact that events in which he participated were not some special. It was the routine, usual life.

So, the diploma in the VGIK. And I took BAM because I have a wife from Siberia. I had one of distant acquaintances there - the journalist who at that moment already, unfortunately, broke by car, died Sent me the book which he managed to write. Collection of sketches very interesting: Return address: BAM . It was wound on the UAZ, by all-terrain vehicles And he wrote about how the first landings landed: And this failed together with the bulldozer under ice and as it had courage to come up in ice water .

Such here stories It seemed to me as if noteworthy And I began to write, without seeing it yet. Not works, of course, eskizik And then went, gathered material and the whole year did the diploma. As a result I do not remember already now how many was works. It was succeeded to keep 10.

We (I and the fellow student) arrived to Tynda. We were lodged in a barrack, gave two beds. There passes day, another, I do not see any grandiose special events, nothing occurs in our life. Any meetings, there are enough interesting. We go to other barrack to the dining room, we eat some cutlets. Went on an embankment, and the rain began to drizzle. We (I had a raincoat - the tent of the father which was well so rubberized) were covered, I made a sketch, and we began to go down.

Here so BAM, a taiga began (at least, for me). That is we departed from the city absolutely nearby, several kilometers. Here was boring, the crew worked. Piece already absolutely not of city life, taiga. Though it was close from the city.

From a bath the smoke curls. At once, as approached: Children, give, water warm " so far; We went to a bath. A laundry soap hair so they stuck out then And here here The cursor knocks. Some car

the Main value is a barrel with fuel. A tractor, two cars where they live. And a bath which they move as sledge cling a tractor and move. There is a toilet And some else figures.

Augustus, early autumn. The turning yellow birches, fir-trees and larch... All towers are electrocolumns. Nothing can be driven anywhere because permafrost. And here too. Everything is put in fellings. The felling becomes, the column is put, filled up with stones. Stones which are drawn - fill all this. It is also BAM. All BAM from this consists. I do not know what the branch is, this is Tayd In my opinion, there already some ways lay

Such here story. And after that the picture is perceived absolutely in a different way. Not the abstract, abstract landscape - life escapes outside through a cloth! Also becomes though it is a little bit clear what huge work was enclosed in BAM: one such embankment of what costs!

It seems, all heard, saw some photos in newspapers and at cinema Newspapers long ago in archives, movies - in storages. And the picture informs again of the atmosphere of a monotonous, hard work which had to bring prosperity of Siberia! And the most interesting (Sasha Ganelin`s words): There passes day, another, I do not see any grandiose special events . As a result of this gray, monotonous everyday life - BAM!

I do not estimate the importance and consequences of this huge building. I say only that kommentirovanny the author a picture - not just a sketch, she lives, it comes to life after words of the author!