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What is chicory, alternative of coffee or a miracle - a grass?

are rare which of us did not see how chicory grows. Such clumsy a plant with blue florets. All who once went in pioneer camp or to the grandmother to the village for certain faced it.

The coffee substitute, most popular in the world, - chicory. To taste they are very similar unless chicory tastes bitter slightly more and has no such bright aroma. But whether so they are similar on curative properties?

CICHORIUM INTYBUS L. This plant - hours, sensitively reacting to decrease in level of illumination. Since morning, under a bright sun, nebesno - blue baskets of chicory are opened completely, but here day tends to evening, - where these fine flowers? As though passed into nothingness. Even if there are no hours, then it is possible to tell surely that already about five o`clock in the evening. In cloudy days flowers are closed. This unpretentious plant grows along roads and ditches, on waste grounds and coast of the rivers. In Europe chicory is cultivated and grown up especially for production of drinks and drugs.

Chicory is drunk around the world both instead of coffee, and together with it, added to salads and to meat, take with it baths and applied in traditional medicine.

In the medical purposes all plant is used. In roots bitter extractive substance tsikorin is revealed, well soluble inulin in water, is well-cared, proteins, fats, pectin, vitamins C, B1, E, fat, gum, essential oil, pitch, tannins, mineral salts and a large number of minerals.

Preparations of chicory possess the antimicrobic, anti-inflammatory, zhelchegonny, diuretic, calming, knitting and stimulating appetite action. They exert the regulating impact on a metabolism, strengthen warm activity a little and reduce perspiration.

Chicory won the greatest popularity as means for treatment of diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path and a liver, including also cirrhosis.

Broth or tincture of a root use at gastritises, colitis, enterokolita, a liver illness, a scurvy, hysteria, dropsy, a blood spitting, locks, gout, a spazmofiliya, diseases of joints, morbid depression, muscle pains, a toothache, at diseases of a gall bladder and kidneys, at zhelchekamenny and pochechnokamenny diseases, for improvement of digestion, elimination of unpleasant feelings in area zheludochno - an intestinal path, a liver and a spleen, increase of appetite, reduction of content of sugar in urine, decrease in the increased nervous excitability as the all-strengthening means, at hypostases of a warm origin, at a diarrhea (even blood), diabetes.

Infusion of flowers is applied as a demulcent at malfunction of the central nervous system.

appoint Fresh juice of stalks at an anemia.

For preparation of broth from a root take one tablespoon of the crushed roots and if from mix of roots with stalks, then add also one tablespoon of the crushed stalks, and boil 30 minutes in water halfliter. After cooling, upholding and filtering drink on a tablespoon 3 times a day before food.

For preparation of tincture of 50 g of a root fill in 0,5 l of vodka, insist in the dark place 2 weeks, filter and drink 30 - 40 drops on a glass of water 3 times a day to food.

Infusion of flowers and leaves prepare from two spoons which are filled in with 0,5 l of abrupt boiled water insist 2 hours, filter and drink on a half-glass 3 times a day to food.

Fresh juice of a plant is used at an anemia. For its preparation young escapes collect in a butonization stage, cutting off tops 15 - 25 cm long, wash out, scald boiled water, squeeze out juice, boil 1 - 2 minutes and accept on 1 teaspoon on a half-glass of milk 3 - 4 times a day during one - one and a half months.

Outwardly apply to treatment of skin rashes, eels, furuncles, purulent wounds, pustulous diseases of skin and eczemas, having prepared abrupt broth from 4 tablespoons of a root on a glass of boiled water and doing lotions and washings 2 - 3 times a day. The same broth is used as bathtubs at diathesis at children.

A miracle - a grass or just alternative of coffee? To solve to you.