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How to force itself to prepare for examination? It is a little about motivation. Part 2

In the previous article was talked of ways to motivate itself on preparation for examinations. Let`s consider some more general recommendations.

In the psychological theory of motivation there is one important point. All our motives are located in hierarchy . Practically it means that are not satisfied " yet; basic requirements to try to force to study - business ungrateful.

It is better to spend time for eating, having a sleep, organize to themselves a comfortable situation for study, and then to start, to sense will be more. And differently fight of motives to you it is provided, and all forces will leave on it!

If you play sports, dances, go to the pool, do not give up all these affairs for the period of preparation, reduce time for them just a little. It is better to win time due to reduction of loads of mentality - such as computer games and viewing of the TV. And, above all, make the accurate schedule of all these occupations, distribute them during the day. When you already sit down at study, nothing has to distract you around.

You beat about the bush and you cannot force to work? Most likely, it again manifestation of fight of motives. It is worth stopping and reflecting what now actually there is a wish for. Perhaps it does not weed in space, and something quite feasible? Then it is worth spending on it some time then to learn quietly.

There is one more law of motivation. Into Russian it can be translated from psychological language so. Something to do desire at once vanishes as soon as our brain perceives information volume as too big, unreasonable.

But there`s nothing to be done, the truth it is necessary to shovel a training material before examinations and very much and many! Try to deceive the brain: divide all volume into separate semantic parts. Undertaking the first, do not even think of the others. Up to that do not spread on a table all mountain of textbooks and notebooks at once and do not thumb through the page of the textbook forward, being terrified how many still remained.

The similar mechanism can work if you wind yourself, considering that the forthcoming examination - the main business of your life on which everything depends on light. From such hyper responsibility there is a fear and hands fall. If it about you, try to make the following. Ask yourself a question: What can the most terrible happen if I do not pass this examination? . You will see that even the most terrible outcome is far not so critical that from - for it it is so strong to worry. At once think over alternatives in a situation that examination is not passed, you will find out that the world is not fixated on examination.

Generally, the laziness cannot be neglected. For a start it is necessary to understand what she says about that she for information bears. Answer yourself a question: what is your laziness - desire to have a rest or a protest against some conditions? At the correct approach this information will force to find the most optimum way of activity and to understand own desires and requirements.

And if time from time you have laziness attacks at any concrete occupation, then, in general, it is worth thinking of, whether your this business. To pass one obligatory examination, still it is possible to try to motivate itself. And will struggle here with this unwillingness all life it is problematic. So whatever strange this council seemed, it is not late accurate to realize this important point. For example, if now all objects of entrance examinations cause terrible laziness and boredom by preparation, then also, most likely, there will be not only next five years, but also all life.

Remember what you, on the contrary, always do with desire and enthusiasm. Perhaps not late to think of bringing closer future profession to these occupations?