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How to force itself to prepare for examination? It is a little about motivation. Part 1

Terrible piece laziness. Especially when attacks at the most responsible moments. For example, before examinations. Here it seems gathered, spread out textbooks, books, notebooks and you go - you go around all this Transfer interesting will begin on the TV, the friend will call and you never know still.

Generally, it is necessary to lie all this on a table untouched to the following time. And the time remains less, the laziness is stronger. Familiarly? It would seem, the work involving all hands preceding an examination - is a high time to collect all forces and all attention And here such misfortune. But it is necessary to prepare - that all the same. Give - we will understand.

The most interesting that in psychology science there is no such concept at all - laziness . Psychologists explain: so-called laziness is an absence of motivation . In other words, it is very simple: you do not do, so you do not want to do, there is no rather strong motive. What can draw from this a conclusion? It is important to find, individual, motive which will force to do what is so necessary.

By the way, quite often teachers and parents like to speak about will power. Understanding it as clench teeth and do . Without knowing that the will is closely connected with values of the person. And the best way to induce itself something to do is to find that value for the sake of which it is worth working.

So, the motive is the incentive force forcing the person to work. We speak about motives when we answer the questions Why? For the sake of what? What sense? . As soon as there is a motive, the person can formulate the purpose and begin search of means for its realization. Very closely the motive is connected with values, only for the sake of something valuable to us we act.

Motives happen different.

I, of course, the most effective of them - interest . The easiest to force itself to learn a subject which is interesting, close. To stimulate itself, begin to learn with the most interesting to you subjects. Perhaps, with that that it is described most fascinatingly. It will help to be involved and to pass gradually on all necessary material. But it is even possible to find something interesting in a boring, at first sight, subject. Try to talk to the person, keen it, his interest can infect also you.

Since the childhood one of the most effective motives for everyone is the fear of punishment . It does not make to intimidate itself by a belt, perhaps, sense, and here in paints it is possible to imagine consequences of not passed examinations. This way is effective not for all. If you in the childhood in response to threats of parents to spite did still worse - this way not for you.

Opposite motive as it is possible to guess, motive of encouragement . This way, probably, is known to everyone. Think up, than to please itself for each learned section or ten solved tasks. Present, how freely you will feel as soon as finish examinations.

You keep the daily log, make the list of purchases before a visit of shop and always on days plan vacation? The order is important for you in everything. Use this the value, significant for you, and by preparation for examinations. Make the plan and delete points in process of their performance. Each crossed-out point will inspire you on new feats. Practice shows that this reception unpretentious it seems helps much.

Happens so that the main motive for the person - communication . You from those who like to be always among people, to discuss something, to argue, share information? In that case be not locked by preparation for examinations in four walls. Otherwise it will be perceived as the real torture. For example, the stage of fixing of material can quite be carried out in the form of collective discussion with the same sociable schoolmates.

If the opinion of people around on you is very valuable to you , then it makes sense to use this incentive by preparation. Agree with someone from relatives that you will be to report for each learned section. Such demonstration of your achievements will help you to prepare with much bigger enthusiasm for examinations.

Interesting human motive - motive of an antagonism, overcoming . Happens that it is important to person to overcome difficulties, not to go on a knurled track. The difficult, confused riddles usually cause in you passion and desire to get to the bottom of the answer? Means, this motive is expressed at you. Then laziness by preparation for examinations can be connected with the fact that this usually quite monotonous, monotonous occupation. Construct the program of the preparation so that the most difficult questions, sections went right at the beginning.

By the way, it is rather effective also because the first best of all is just remembered in one of laws of memory and the last from the learned material. Remember that your laziness is the next obstacle which you need to overcome. It is very useful to become angry on himself: Really I solve such difficult problems, but I will not be able to jag ten theorems only?! .

In general, all human motives can be reduced to two groups - internal and external motives. In other words, to force itself to undertake some work, it is necessary or to find some external incentive (remuneration, a praise etc.), or to realize why and how this work is important for you, to find interest in the process of this activity.

In the following article it will be a question of several general recommendations.