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Who such people - " sandwiches; and what their legal status?

on streets of the cities often meet in recent years the people clamped between boards - the plywood which is put on through the head: one in front, another behind. In cold, in an icy cold, in a bad weather, they peretaptyvatsya slowly, performing thus the work.

People - " sandwiches; Americans and British at the end of the 19th century thought up. First for a role " sandwiches; men who had no permanent job were selected only. Their task was in that as much as possible people paid attention to them. Therefore they usually went on city streets the whole processions.

After certain time when businessmen understood that such type of advertizing began to bring return, they thought up an image women - " sandwiches;. Contrary to men, ladies were dressed elegantly, it is even coquettish.

In Russia people - " sandwiches; for the first time appeared in St. Petersburg approximately in 1910. The first Russian " sandwiches; went on the sidewalk one by one, on them identical coats were put on, and they bore high frames with advertizing panels. Happened that each of " sandwiches; bore some letter, and, following so one after another, they made the whole advertizing inscriptions. At that time they most often showed announcements of cinemas and circus.

Now this segment of the advertizing market is considered very perspective. However, in Russia use of the living person by the organization within advertizing of goods or service, became an indicator that the advertiser regretted money for more modern advertizing.

" functions; the person - " sandwich; are simple and difficult at the same time. Considering that in the working hours he has to observe strictly time and the place of the stay determined by the advertiser and also to be equipped as appropriate, along with it it can do anything: to stand, go, sit, smoke, to talk. The main requirement - if only its occupations did not prevent people around to see, read and comprehend information placed on it armor .

It would seem, there is nothing more simply. However let`s look what is told by those who once were " sandwich;:

To Get over that now you are a sign, no laughing matter. But there is no way back, and I, having squeezed everything that is only possible, in a fist, went outside. In a flash I was stuck around by amazed looks - and it became terribly a shame, so, that I right there pulled a hood, rolled up the reddened person a scarf and the Weather - not a gift buried eyes in iced over asphalt

. No tea helps from chronic knocking by teeth any more, and children`s cream does not rescue the person from ice wind. And still council arrived to receive medical treatment...

the Advertising market provides a certain version such " sandwiches; dressing up hired workers in various dolls, plush models of goods. It should be noted that such dresses - a hard burden. Here what is told by young physically strong man who settled to work " Mobile phone; near cellular shop: but after two hours shoulders already fell off. Besides the opening for the person closed by a black grid appeared at the level of a chin. Therefore it was necessary to support constantly a suit on the weight (to evening of hands did not feel at all). And at the same time it was necessary to hop (to the customer it was by all means necessary cheerful " mobile phone;!) and to distribute business cards .

After the long debate which stopped from the moment of a release of the Resolution of the government of Moscow which gave definition to such term as wearable advertizing structures (the temporary means of outdoor advertizing of information moved with natural persons without use of technical means), there was a question with definition of the place of the person in this history.

Recently one public organization made the stock Is not present to the live advertizing . She addressed to Committee of advertizing, information and registration of the city of Moscow with a request to assist the termination of professional advertizing in the forms humiliating human dignity including in the form of use of people as billboards . They also noted that the labor legislation does not provide the right of the employer to use the person as an advertizing column .

The main objections of opponents of recognition of live advertizing by work consist that, in their opinion, carrying (movement) the advertizing structure is not labor function and, therefore, cannot be a subject of the labor relations. However if to look at the Labour Code, then as labor function it is understood including performance of a concrete type of the work charged to the worker. In particular, the labor legislation does not contain bans on such types of work as movement by the person of any objects if at the same time work safety conditions are met.

Respectively, at observance of the certain conditions provided by the legislation concerning all workers, people - " sandwiches; are the same full participants of the labor relations, as well as any worker who is carrying out the labor function at office.

Another matter, it is worth thinking before being employed for such work, having weighed everything for and against .